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7 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid [Infographic]

Creating and maintaining a successful blog is in theory relatively easy to do, but even with great content and applying a few proven tricks like optimizing for popular keywords and promoting your blog on social media platforms, things don’t always take off as well as you had hoped.

As this infographic detailing the 7 common blogging mistakes to avoid reveals, simply trying to replicate the success of other bloggers who are managing to earn a living from their efforts, is unlikely to be any sort of guarantee that your blogging efforts will reach the same level of audience.

The fundamental lesson to take on board would be that there is no specific or clearly defined path to follow in order to achieve success. What may have worked well for someone else previously, might not be replicated if you take on board the advice from those that have already gained an enviable following.

One of the secrets to success is considered to be the need to blog post frequently in order to keep your audience interested. Whilst that advice is sound in general, to create genuinely interesting and well-researched content takes time, so trying to post something new every day is probably going to be detrimental to the quality.

The best approach is considered to be to post regularly and if that is three times a week at certain times, it will enable you to produce consistently good posts and grow your audience who will know when to check out new content each week.

Checking out the 7 most common blogging mistakes might just allow you to find the winning formula.


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  1. I would must say that you just rocked in this article. 😀

    It doesn’t matter, In which field you are working. You would definitely make mistakes and these mistakes will help you to learn something new. So we should never afraid of doing mistakes.

    In this article, the blogging mistakes which you have mentioned above are very much common which most of the bloggers or webmasters make when they start their blogging career.

    When bloggers like me do mistakes then It is obvious that they can’t generate that result which they want because of that mistake. When It happens, they again start doing all the things and tries to find what they did wrong in previous turn and then they find their mistakes and learn from that mistake.

    So some how, mistakes helped us to learn new things. Right? 😀

    Most of the people think that doing mistakes will give them failures which they never want but they should understand that every successful person makes mistake at their initial stages and learn from them.

    Every successful blogger copied others article once in their blogging journey but later they learned and started writing by themselves.

    I would like to give a great Thanks to you for covering these amazing blogging mistakes which people can use to learn from them. 😀

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