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How Will High-Level Writing Skills Help in Marketing

Have you ever thought about why many well-known companies succeed? Is the hard work of specialists, thousands of dollars invested, and a lot of luck, things that define the future of a company? The answer to this question is not that far-fetched. Actually, a good advertisement well-executed can make any business successful. You only need to know what can present you in a good light before your targeted audience.

Many prominent companies still use written ads in newspapers, magazines, and the internet. But it is very important to provide high-quality and well-written advertisements. A good text or slogan will always remain in the minds of consumers and convince them to make a purchase. A competent writer always knows how to skillfully and creatively portray the traits of a company.

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5 Non-Writing Musts for Writers

There’s more to being a freelance writer than typing words on a page. Successful writers know that they need to be on top of their game in many different ways. No job involves just one task, and writing is no different.

Here are five things writers do throughout the day or week other than write.

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Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Content, Links, Guest Blogging, SEO & More

In this Marketing Eggspert round-up I have included articles about improving your writing skills, using listicles, images in your content, link diversity, content marketing, guest blogging, SEO mistakes, customer service advice and using stories for marketing and social media.

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5 Things My English Degree Didn’t Prepare me for Writing Blog Content

Many moons ago, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in English. At the time, there weren’t writing or online marketing degrees, so I thought it was the best way to get me a job writing. Looking back, what I wrote — think: dissertations on Dante’s Inferno — was a far cry from what I actually write today. After spending years training myself to write for those overinflated, pompous English professors, I had to undo my way of thinking for the world of blogging.  Here’s what my degree didn’t prepare me for.

1. Flowery Prose Don’t Cut It

Boy, I was the queen of flowery language. I could take a three-word phrase like “the dog sat” and turn it into a paragraph description of the shiny lab/shepherd mix who sat obediently, her fur gleaming in the afternoon sunlight. My husband hated that style of writing, by the way. But he married me anyway.

In the world of blogging, it’s much more cut and dry. Say what you’re trying to say, and cut the fat. It took me years to learn to review my writing and whittle it down to what I needed to convey. Read more