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What Makes Your Customer Unsubscribe From Your Email List

When you notice a rise in unsubscribe rates from your email list, as an email marketer you always tend to think that there is zero or no possibility to get them back. But it’s not always the case. If you regularly analyze the customers’ behavior, content sent and underlying reasons to unsubscribe, you cannot get back all, but a few of them can be retained. Once you make an attempt to understand why people unsubscribe from your email  list, you can resolve and rework on issues and thus design your email marketing campaigns accordingly.

What Makes Your Customer Unsubscribe Your Email List

What I Learned as a Marketer After Falling for a Phishing Email

A few years ago I received an email from a friend sharing the story of how he’d been robbed at gunpoint while traveling through China and stripped of everything, including his wallet. “Been there,” I thought. His email went on to explain that he was emailing me hoping I could transfer money to a hotel he was currently standing in, waiting for his friends and family in the States to wake up. He needed $350 USD for a place to stay until the U.S. Embassy opened.

I responded asking if he was OK. He replied immediately, grateful and apologetic and explained that no one else in his family was awake so early and he just needed me to transfer money to the hotel so we get finally get some rest. To verify his story, I went onto Facebook to see pictures of his trip. Instead of the Great Wall, I saw him with his son skiing in Colorado. The day before.

What I Learned as a Marketer After Falling for a Phishing Email

How Direct Mail Marketing Can Generate More Leads and Convert

Ever wondered what to incorporate into your marketing strategy to generate more leads and convert visitors to customers? Direct mail marketing is the answer if you want to reach as many customers as you can. This method has been tested and found to be second to none. Forget about social media platforms and Search Engine Optimization strategies because they have certain weaknesses that cannot help anyone who desires to reach as many clients as possible.

Why Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mailing is also more formal and professional than the new and emerging channels. Remember old is gold. This method helps you reach anyone no matter their location. Direct mailing is very effective in certain unavoidable situations that make it difficult to get information to your clients or team members. This method has a private communication component that enables the sender and recipient to share any information depending on the level of urgency and privacy required. Even though this method can be a bit more expensive, there are ways in which the cost part can be avoided or reduced. Reducing the content of your mail while communicating the intended message is one strategy that has been identified in terms of pocket friendliness.

How Direct Mail Marketing Can Generate More Leads and Convert

How to Re-engage a Dormant Subscriber List

Many business owners with long email subscriber lists wonder how they can re-engage inactive and dormant users on their list.  After all you spend a lot of time and money crafting and sending out emails that are meant to engage the average subscriber on your email list.  Over time, many engagement metrics such as open rates and click through rates begin to trend downward.  This means that it’s up to you to re-engage your users before you lose them all together.

Studies have shown that investing in acquisition of new customers is 6-7 times more costly than re-activating past customers.  This shows that there is a huge value in investing in re-activation campaigns.

Reachmail has put together a comprehensive infographic that covers how to go about re-engaging your email subscriber list. In the infographic they cover why subscribers stop engaging, why you should be focusing on email deliverability, defining inactive users on your email list as well as actionable tips on how to re-engage your list backed by case studies.  For more information check out the infographic below.

Marketing Automation: Email Marketing In Overdrive

For nearly two decades, email marketing has been an integral part of digital marketing. However, the process of email marketing in itself has undergone a sweeping change. Email blasts have lost their sheen in an increasingly evolving digital marketplace.

Over the course of time, marketing automation platforms gained a lot of momentum for their proven benefits that increase the impact of email marketing. This also raised the ROI for all the marketing efforts. Read on to discover more about marketing automation vis-a-vis traditional email marketing and, at times, how both of them can be influential when bundled together.

Marketing Automation: Email Marketing In Overdrive

Get Your Emails Delivered, Read, and Remembered

Email marketing is the cornerstone of many small business marketing campaigns. But its popularity has meant that the inboxes your emails end up in are full of a lot of other marketing messaging. So how can you make sure that the emails you’ve spent time and money creating and distributing are delivered, read and remembered?

5 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Pitch Perfect

Taking the stage for a second time, the Barden Bellas are on deck for the long-awaited Pitch Perfect 2.

Featuring the likes of our favorite stars Fat Amy, Beca, and Lilly, the Bellas have made acapella the talk of the town. Offering more than just a perfect melody and killer performance, the stars of Pitch Perfect 2 have also provided email marketers with valuable lessons to turn their classic strategy into a modern marketing success.

In the excitement leading up to the sequel, Campaigner has developed 5 A-ca-mazing tips for marketers to keep their email in tune and hit a high note with both customers and ROI.

What Makes Email Marketing So Effective?

E-mail is ubiquitous. E-mail has slowly and steadily replaced traditional mail and communication methods. This is one of the reasons why it is essential for all companies to dive into what makes email marketing so effective, that is if they have not done so till now.

E-mail marketing will always be important and vital to an organization’s marketing strategy, in spite of the onslaught made by social media marketing and despite some of the challenges offered by the preponderance of e-mail scams.

Research by survey companies show that the relevance of e-mail marketing is pretty strong; in fact, there has been a steady increase in the numbers of customers acquired through e-mail. Customer acquisitions via e-mail marketing account for nearly 7% of the total customer aggregation and stand next in number to that obtained through organic search. Social media is still far behind in terms of leveraging customer acquisitions.

4 Gmail Hacks to Save Time and Tame Your Inbox

Let’s face it, email is a necessary evil. But over the years, I’ve come up with a system to help me track all the requests and information bombarding my Gmail inbox. Google has some less-than-obvious hacks that can help you manage your email better. Below are four of my most used Gmail hacks that you can use to save time and tame your inbox.

Experiment Now to Improve Your Small Business Marketing

No matter what time of year it is, you can continue your annual plan to improve your small business marketing by looking for ways to experiment. New technologies, services and strategies are popping up every day and now is the perfect time to do a little research and dip your toe into new pools. Asking a junior member of your team to do some research and manage the experiment not only frees your time but also improves their professional development and skills. So let’s look at some ways you can experiment with your marketing this month.

Like any good experiment, you must start with a hypothesis. So look at your marketing and identify something you want to improve or a trend you see. Then, create a hypothesis around how you can improve your small business marketing and design an experiment so you can get the best outcome for your business.

Experiment with Personas

Personas can be extremely powerful and effective ways to market to your audience. More than segments, personas group your audience by behaviors and allow you to speak their language, on the channels they use, offering the value they need from your product or service. Putting together a plan can be simple, but be sure you inform your marketing and sale teams what you’re experimenting with and why, so you can remain consistent outside of the experiment.

Elevating the Customer Experience through Email [Infographic]

Customer service is being done more and more through email these days. Over 60% of consumers would prefer to be engaged through email communication. Customers expect a correct email to their problem within 24 hours.  Most companies will use an auto response to the initial email telling the customers to expect an answer to their problem within the day.  For more information on elevating the customer experience through email check out this infographic from West Interactive.

Optimizing Your Welcome Emails [Infographic]

Most welcome emails are typically sent right after new subscribers opt-in. These emails are used by 81% of B2C marketers and 87% of retailers. While they are not only a sign of goodwill to new subscribers, they can also have a positive effect on business revenue as well.  Welcome emails can bring in over 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails.

Most companies will send a generic welcome email with a coupon.  To fully take advantage of the revenue your welcome emails can bring, you need to be sure to properly optimize each welcome email. Easy SMTP has put together a useful infographic and guide on optimizing welcome emails that can be seen below.  By following these welcome email best practices, you will help start your relationship off with new customers and set the tone for a positive long-lasting relationship.

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