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Chinese New Year: 5 Signs From the Sheep to Achieve Email Marketing Success

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2015 is the Year of the Sheep. So what does that mean? On the surface level, the Year of the Sheep represents a yin energy, harmonious co-existence, and tranquility for individuals under the Sheep sign. But with a little bit of a closer eye, the Sheep can offer valuable lessons for email marketing success as well.

From lucky numbers and colors to standard Sheep characteristics, this astrological year presents a significant opportunity for email marketers.

6 Tips to Optimize Your Marketing Emails

Not satisfied with your recent email campaigns? Too many prospects ignoring your emails? Effective emails will get people to take action to click, sign up, or buy, while ineffective ones will turn people off. Here are 6 tips to optimize your marketing emails.

1. Customize for better results

Choose a personal email for the sender rather than a generic address like “service” and send your message directly to the person you are contacting using his first name for example. Make sure the name of the signatory of the email is the same as that which appears as the sender. This personalization helps increase both the open rate of your email and also click through rates.

Most Anticipated Marketing Strategies for This Year

A few weeks ago I wrote about considerations to make while planning a marketing strategy. This week, it’s time to dig into some of the most anticipated marketing strategies that’ll help you have a successful year.

Let’s make no bones about it. There are an overwhelming number of marketing strategies you can put in place in your business. From print and television advertising to focusing exclusively on marketing in the digital world, you have a range of options available.

How do you choose the right strategy for your business?

While you’re sifting through your customer data, think about what your customers want. What experience will they have when deciding whether to buy from you? Then, work backwards.

The marketing strategy you choose should answer your target customer’s need from start to finish in their purchase decision process.

With that in mind, there are some strategies that remain dominant in the market. That’s because they work.

Here are some of the most anticipated marketing strategies of 2015 that you will want to consider for your business.

The Email Marketing Hunger Games – A Battle to the Inbox

In the midst of the holiday season, email marketers are fighting a competitive battle to the inbox against other promotional emails, the spam folder and the delete button – The Email Marketing Hunger Games.

In order to survive and make their way into the Inbox, email marketers must channel their inner Katnis Everdeen by using strategic tactics and playing to the desires of their customers – or else they risk getting lost in the spam folder and leaving the email marketing games early.

In the spirit of the newly released The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Campaigner has developed a few tips for email marketers to mirror Katniss and Peeta and emerge from the arena as a victor.

Effective Email Marketing For Financial Institutions

Marketing is an opportunity for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to connect with their customers. And although the financial industry is restricted by regulations that often shape external communications, email marketing is a great resource for institutions to give their business personality and boost its bottom line.

Effective Email Marketing For Financial Institutions

Often neglected, marketing your institution through email is a great way to humanize your brand and connect with prospects and customers on a more personal level.

According to The Direct Marketing Association, the ROI index for email is five times higher than other direct-response marketing vehicles, and it returns $60 on each invested dollar. This is true with financial services. With high competition to get customer and services and products highly commodified, banks and other financial institutions must differentiate themselves by communicating value.

The Top Email Design Mistakes People Make

The entire process of setting up an email marketing campaign can be a delicate one that’s also often fraught with all sorts of potential mistakes. Some of these mistakes can be little, hard to notice things that lead to failure or much lower success metrics such as conversions, click-throughs and eyeballs, and other email design mistakes could nearly doom your entire campaign.

The worst thing is that for many of the email marketing pitfalls that are out there, marketers who are committing them often aren’t even aware of what’s happening that’s making their email campaign go sour.

This is where the following “hit list” of the 5 biggest email marketing killers that ruin many marketing campaigns comes in handy. We’ve put together a list of the very worst and most insidious offenders that often screw up an otherwise great email campaign and just by going through them and at least making sure the following mistakes aren’t present in your campaign, you can go much further towards having some serious success with your subscribers.

Let’s get down to the 5 email design mistakes and implementation Killers (inspired by email management company Reachmail).

  1. Mr. Loud Colors

Mr. Loud Colors is the clown that shows up at the most crucial part of your email marketing campaign when you most need to get the positive attention of your audience with your message and ruins it by grabbing a different kind of attention. He’s so brightly, weirdly colored that your audience can’t pay attention to what you’re really trying to say.

Marketing with Style and A/B Split Testing

This is a guest post from Campaigner.

Just as a fashionista gets the latest trends off the runway, email marketers must evaluate a list of trends and content to deliver messages that achieve the highest possible click-through and conversion rates. Designers also conduct test shoots with models dressed in their designs before they hit the runway or the racks. An email marketer should consider the same approach. Campaigner’s A/B split testing tool allows for aspects of an email to undergo alterations subject line, offer details, imagery, call- to-action, etc. to be test shot on a small group before sending to a full target list. This allows for better clarity on what fits and what needs to go back to the drawing board.

How Your Email Marketing System Can Improve Your Business

When working online, building an active email list is very important. In fact, many businesspeople agree that email lists are where you will make most of your money. However, if you don’t yet have an email marketing system in place, here are 5 ways that implementing one can benefit your company:


1. Sending emails is less time-consuming.

In many cases, designing and preparing an email to send to your email list will take just an hour or two. However, for some businesses, designing, preparing, and sending an email may simply take minutes of their time. With the fact that you can often replicate templates, preparing and sending emails to your list is even easier than ever.

2. Sending emails is less expensive.

Email marketing is great because it has a very low overhead cost. Since you don’t have to rely on hiring new employees, designers, or marketing analysts to create and send emails, you can use the money elsewhere. Sending emails is also much cheaper than paying for postal mail costs, printing, advertisement rates, and more.

Boost Your ROI With A Smarter Email Marketing Campaign

There is no arguing with the fact that email marketing is one of the most powerful return-generating tools in any marketer’s arsenal right now. Email provides a direct link from your business to your target customers, whenever and however you see fit. When used properly, the ROI from email marketing can be enormous, but when done incorrectly, a campaign can do more harm than good to your brand’s reputation. By focusing on creating a smarter email marketing campaign, you can make the changes needed to maximize your return while reducing the percentage of underperforming addresses on your mailing list.

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Here are four crucial ways in which you can boost your ROI through developing a smarter and more effective email marketing campaign:

1. Make Sure You’re Tracking Everything One of the most common mistakes that email marketers make is that they aren’t using their result-tracking capabilities to the full extent. In marketing, the more data you have on your consumers and their habits, the better. Tracking everything from who opens your messages to which links and images convert the best allows you to not only improve your future mailings, but also segment your list to better target your messages to your potential customers’ preferences.

Elevate Your Email Marketing Using Behavioral Targeting

Email marketing, as discusses, is the tried and true best method of reaching your target audience to draw new customers in and keep existing customers coming back. The digital age has birthed all sorts of online marketing, but the direct contact with a customer that an email newsletter provides cannot be matched by any other form of online communication. And while mass email marketing is still popular and commonly used, more marketers are turning to a more personalized approach known as behavioral targeting.

Behavioral targeting allows you to tailor content based on customers’ preferences, browsing, and shopping habits. With this method, your direct mail marketing takes the user’s website activities or past purchases and uses those statistics to personalize the delivered content.

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