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American Inbox: The Modern State of Emailing In the Workplace [Infographic]

The American worker spends a lot of time emailing in the workplace. All across the country, people are spending large blocks of their workday in their inbox. But what exactly does the typical American inbox at work look like?

Email marketing company Reachmail surveyed one thousand American workers who consider email significant to their job.  The survey focused on 4 core areas relating to emailing in the workplace:

  • How often American’s are checking their email at work
  • How many emails they send per day
  • How quickly that they respond to emails
  • How many emails are unread in a typical inbox

The goal of the survey was to get a better look at how American’s deal with email while at work.  As a result of the survey they discovered several interesting trends.

Checking Email

The survey found that 54% of Americans check their email multiple times per day and 30% having their email constantly open throughout the day. Only 16% of American’s check only once per day. The Northeast was the worst region in the United States in terms of having their email open constantly with 37% of surveyed respondents.

When it comes to the time to day people check their email the most, 71% of Americans first check their work email between 5AM and 7AM. An even more surprising stat is that 70% of Americans check their email after 6PM, typically after most people leave the office for the day.

Sent Emails

Nearly half of all Americans (46%) send fewer than 10 emails per day.  Again the Northeast tops all regions averaging 22 emails per day.  Only 8% of American’s send more than 50 emails per day.  The median seems to be between 10-25 emails per day for most people.

Response Time

58% of Americans say that they respond to emails typically within 1 hour. The slowest to respond are New Yorkers who average a day or more to respond. Most American’s typically respond between 1-6 hours to work emails.

Unread Emails

Over half of Americans have fewer than 10 unread emails in their inbox.  The Midwest had the least cluttered inbox with an average of 17 unread emails.  Only a small percentage of Americans (6%) have between 50-100 unread emails on average in their inbox.

3 Fail Proof Ways to Nurture Leads

The key to a good content marketing strategy is to provide content for leads no matter where they are in their purchase journey. But that means creating a good program to nurture those leads that are not yet ready to buy to help them through their journey and towards your product or service. While the specifics of an effective lead nurturing program will be different for every business, these are three fail-proof ways to nurture every lead until they are ready to buy.

3 Fail Proof Ways to Nurture Leads

Emarketing: Why it Needs to be Part of your Content Marketing Strategy

Though not always a vital inclusion in the digital strategy of an organisation, e-marketing campaigns can work wonders for brand exposure and driving referral traffic to your website. In many cases, businesses will mainly promote products or offers in order to drive more sales in less busy periods. However, emarketing should be a regular, well-planned activity, that promotes both blog content and sales offers. So here’s a few reasons and tips as to why it needs to be part of your Content Marketing strategy.

Emarketing: Why it Needs to be Part of your Content Marketing Strategy

Conversion Is Key: How To Convert Sales Via Email

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to target customers with communications that address their needs, interests and phase in your sales cycle. But, email campaigns that convert prospects into paying customers requires strategy. Here is how to convert sales via email.

Conversion Is Key: How To Convert Sales Via Email

How Bad Email Marketing Behaviors Can Derail Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]

As a marketer, we tend to think that the messaging we send out is interesting and not bothersome to our audiences. Not everyone uses email marketing best practices correctly. Marketers are often inundated with email marketing best practices but may be overlooking some of the worst practices that don’t get talked about as much.  Email marketing services provider Reachmail wanted to examine some of the most common bad email marketing behaviors and worst practices.

They put together a really informative infographic that lists some of the email marketing behaviors exhibited my email marketers and linked each behavior to a memorable character from pop culture to help marketers remember how not to act.  Most marketers have good intentions, they are simply under the pressure to get results, and as a result of that pressure, have a tendency to perform some of these bad email practices.  To learn more, check out the infographic from Reachmail.

Best Email Marketing Practices: 5 Key Thumb Rules

As we all know, despite a plethora of innovative channels available for brands, email is still one of the most effective cross-channel marketing strategies to reach and communicate with your customers from the business point of view. Let’s share some of the best email marketing practices that marketers worldwide should use (right from figuring out what to write in your emails to whom to send) to optimize their campaign results.

To start with, email marketing is all about getting the basics right. The thumb rule is to do proper planning through all of the campaign elements.

Best Email Marketing Practices: 5 Key Thumb Rules

Email Marketing Will Experience a Second Coming of Age

What’s coming next for email marketing this 2016? Thus far, things are looking pretty good. Responsive designs are becoming more present, quality emails abound and a wealth of new strategies are being developed by web marketers to make sure their business can live up to the competition. Interactive email functionalities have been limited to email carousels, live Twitter feeds and embedded videos; and that’s not all. Increasingly more brands are stepping out from the shadow to allow subscribers to fill out their shopping sessions – customize orders, view products and decide on the size of their purchase – within an email.

Does this mean that we’ll be able to shop for things within emails without ever clicking on a website landing page? Probably, although we’re not entirely sure whether customers will like this new approach or not; we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out some other pioneering email marketing trends that will go mainstream this 2016.

Email Marketing Will Experience a Second Coming of Age During 2016

The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Eye-Catching Emails Using Heat Maps Data

Just about every business engages in some sort of email marketing campaign to engage their current customer base and to attract new customers.  Many businesses spend large marketing budgets to only achieve mediocre results with their email marketing campaigns. One thing business owners can do to achieve more effective email marketing, is to analyze their emails to find out what people find engaging.  Once they have that information, they can design their emails to more actively engage their customer base.

Easy SMTP partnered with computational neuroscience firm EyeQuant to use some of their specialized heat mapping software to analyze a number of email marketing campaigns to see how they were performing. The results of this study were turned into a comprehensive and visually appealing infographic that can be seen here.

How To Make Cold Emailing Work For Your Startup

Cold emailing is one of the scariest parts of prospecting. Unlike email marketing that involves turning a cold prospect warm through periodic engagement and interaction, cold emailing is the process of reaching out to a virtual stranger who you think is interested in your product and then try to eventually turn them into a customer. Because of the way it works, there is a very fine line between cold-emailing a prospect and virtually spamming them.

While it is possible to stay compliant with the CAN-SPAM rules and still reach out to customers via cold-emails, the tricky part here is in ensuring that your email does not hit the spam box of your recipient (or worse - be called a spammer by your prospective customer). So how can you make sure this does not happen? While no method is fool-proof, the following best practices should be able to convey your credibility and maximize response from your targeted recipients.

How To Make Cold Emailing Work For Your Startup

10 Types of Emails Your Customers Will Love

The money isn’t in the list. It’s in your relationship with the list. How can you build great relationships with your email subscribers? You need to provide them with value. You need to give fascinating information that’s easy to consume. The types of emails you send will directly impact your email marketing results.

You can send the different types of emails below as standalone emails. Or you can combine some of the ideas below into a newsletter. Or you can do both.

10 Types of Emails Your Customers Will Love

7 Major Tips to Get Your Emails Clicked, Opened, & Read Easily

Well, emails are something we have all dealt with. You have carefully crafted an email, you have polished the sentences, you have cracked your brain for the very first subject line. You then go ahead and hit the publish button with a sigh of relief. But when you have a look at your email statistics you then notice that they are really not as good as you had expected and the click-throughs have been disappointing as well as depressing.

The following are the seven major steps that would help you get your emails clicked, opened and read simply and without any difficulty.

7 Major Tips to Get Your Emails Clicked, Opened, & Read Easily

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