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The Benefits of Open Source CMS Software [Infographic]

Open source software powers some of the most powerful content management systems used by everyone from governments to e-commerce businesses. It has come a long way from being something that people tinkered with.

Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress all use open source software to power their frameworks and provide millions of users with easy-to-use content management systems for little to no cost. These content management systems prove that it’s possible to go open source with software and provide security, stability, and support at a level that matches, even beats, the closed source software providers.

Once upon a time, creating websites required coding experience and extensive knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to get the results you wanted. The implementation of open source software for content management systems changed all of that.

How to Improve Your Online Presence

Search engine algorithms are changing constantly, upsetting long held notions of marketers every now and then – and keeping them on tenterhooks. What worked last year may not work now. You need to constantly tweak your strategy to make sure you are visible online and influencing consumer decisions without indulging in what search engines term ‘black hat’ tactics.

So how will you do that? Let’s break it down:

5 Things Your Marketing Team Can Learn From the Internal Sales Department

Internal sales and marketing are two departments that must perform optimally for a company to successfully operate and be profitable. The two departments are responsible for a variety of different tasks, but are similar in scope and essence – both facilitate sales.

A marketing team’s efforts lie at the heart of the sales pipeline. Its primary goal is to help the internal sales department maximize profit and close sales deals. Setting the stage for the sales team, the marketing team is responsible for familiarizing the customer with the products or services using various mediums like PR, advertising, or events. Engaging and generating leads with content such as blogs, newsletters, infographics, and videos is the marketing team’s responsibility as it plays an essential role in bringing customers in.

Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem [Infographic]

One of the world’s biggest tech companies likes to say that its technology “just works,” but the truth is there’s still an extremely complicated program behind each of those apps on our phones. That means someone spends hours writing those programs, making sure every bit of information is accounted for and integrated into the final product. It’s the same way with an Internet marketing lead generation system, in which dozens of individual elements need to be woven together into a cohesive whole. But without a plan, that can be difficult to do.

That’s why we at Straight North developed the following infographic to serve as a kind of road map for building an internet marketing lead generation campaign. After studying many successful lead generation campaigns, we’ve been able to identify all of the crucial elements that make up a successful campaign — and how they all fit together. Building a campaign without any of these elements may mean it won’t function as well as it should, and force you to start from scratch. Whether you’re building a lead generation campaign from the ground up or optimizing your current campaign, this flowchart will give you the best idea of what needs to be included and how to assemble the elements into a campaign that will “just work” for you.

4 Ways Tech and Digital Marketing Make the Perfect Marriage

The business marketing world is changing. Technology has offered up new, creative ways to advertise to potential customers, and the advancements are always changing. From social media integration to CRM to VR, there is so much to be aware of and keep up on when it comes to combining tech and digital marketing.

Since the landscape of the tech and digital marketing worlds are constantly changing, it can be hard for any business to follow or understand exactly what it is they should do.

  • Do you invest in apps or websites first?
  • Should you throw your hat into the virtual reality ring?
  • How can you develop an effective PPC campaign?

All of these questions are overwhelming the more you dig into them. It’s the exact reason you should hire an expert in the digital marketing field, such as a social media management company specializing in all the above and more.

6 Ways to Market Your Business Online

Nowadays, nearly every business maintains an online presence by having a website. However, the truth of the matter is that merely having a website is no longer enough to draw the attention of prospective customers out there. A decade ago it was easier to be found on the World Wide Web. Today you must have the technical know-how of the menagerie of ranking factors in order for your site to show up in online searches.

Whether you run a conventional brick-and-mortar business or an e-commerce firm, you must have the knowledge and skill on how to effectively market your business online. The best way to do it is by being discovered at least in the first three pages of major search engine results. This offers virtually limitless traffic if you become proficient in the complex field of online search. But then again, achieving such a feat has become a monumental undertaking, especially when you consider the core search algorithms of Google and the major tweaks that the tech company has introduced (i.e. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird).

Without further ado, here are six tips on how to be competitive on search engine results, improve the visibility of your website, generate more online traffic, and boost sales.

Know-How Digital Marketing Is A New Revolution That Nobody Should Miss!

Ever wondered why these ads pop up on your screen when you are on the internet? Ads are telling you to check out a particular brand or a website! It’s digital marketing — a flourishing new field for those who wish to achieve their goals of advertising and display skills of publicity.

Nowadays, with everyone being interested in the online pursuit, offline marketing doesn’t have the role it used to have earlier. Every small and large company needs lots of promoting online. A way to achieve that goal is through making your brand recognizable. How to do that? Well, that requires an unparalleled knowledge in e-commerce, with certain skills of artistic visualizing, and creative advertising.

14 Hidden Windows Programs To Rejuvenate Your Online Marketing [Infographic]

Apple Macs, with their clowder of wild cat-themed operating systems, are known as the computer of choice for creatives, but with the right PC and a full understanding of what it can achieve there’s no reason to feel left behind.

The Windows 10 operating system that Microsoft powers personal computers with these days is packed with all sorts of added software programs which, in all their no-nonsense austerity, Microsoft tends not to shout about too much. Look under the hood and you’ll find a range of apps to help you meet, to at least a basic professional level, most of the tasks you’ll take on while marketing your business.

Naturally you’ll still need to bring your personal flair and marketing insight to the table, but what Windows 10 amounts to is a contemporary toolbox, with hammer, nails, and blowtorch at the ready for getting things done. What’s more, hidden apps like Sticky Notes (now smarter than ever!), Cortana (a Siri-style personal assistant), and People (a unified central address book) help you stay on top of the little things around the office, leaving you more time to create.

So how about those creative apps? Well, OneNote makes for a perfect virtual scrapbook in which to collect webpages, images and notes, as well as sketches you can make directly into the program using a stylus or fingertip. Set one up as a moodboard and you can share it with your team, who can edit it in real time, building the themes and motifs of your campaign.

Best Practices to Combine Instagram and Email Marketing for Business Promotions

Email marketing is one of the oldest and first-generation online promotional tactics, which is still efficient and useful. The major advantage of e-mail marketing is that it can go along well with the new age marketing strategies including content and social media marketing, and it enhances the value and outcome of the marketers’ efforts.

Social media can now function on its own, but it can produce much better results when strategically paired together with other components. Social sharing is the backbone of all content initiatives now, and avenues like Facebook retargeting and LinkedIn promotions open doors for better lead generation opportunities. Instagram is also slowly joining the league as the marketer’s best tool for promotions and lead generation. Let’s see how it fits in.

Best Practices to Combine Instagram and Email Marketing for Business Promotions

How Mobile Applications Can Help Small Businesses Exploit Digital Marketing & Grow Exponentially

Every marketer understands that mobile apps are a smart choice for businesses because it makes consumer engagement easier and helps in retaining the customers.

Mobile applications allow you to improve consumer experience, strengthen technology infrastructure and implement cutting-edge technologies to grow the customer base. Some of the general facts about mobile apps are as follows:

  • 85% of customers prefer mobile app over mobile website
  • 50% of e-commerce transactions occur on smartphones
  • Apps are key enablers in driving brand recognition

How Mobile Applications Can Help Small Businesses Exploit Digital Marketing & Grow Exponentially

Small Business Hacks to Help Boost Sales and Productivity

Productivity is critical for any small business. Large firms have whole departments for different functions and have the luxury of moving at a slower pace due to their size and established nature. Small firms, on the other hand, have no such luxury. Small businesses must look for every opportunity to improve sales and productivity.

Here are a few ways small business owners can do just that.

How Can Digital Marketing Help You Out In Business Growth?

With the significant progress in the information technology (IT) sector, the digital world has also developed a lot. This proliferation of technology had also diversified the term marketing as digital marketing. Every other business owner is now trying to captivate and capture an ever-growing online marketplace. Digital marketing is a process, not a technique, as it helps one to create a larger traffic and audience for their website and create loyal customers. The efficient process which turns these visitors into customers is a result of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is more dynamic and profitable compared to the conventional marketing process. The best part about this is it provides different tools for various sectors to analyze the results instantly and the person is always empowered to improvise the process accordingly to get the better results.

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