Innovation and disruption is constantly happening in marketing across the country. In both business and social spheres, there’s constant talk about how hot new brands are breaking into various markets. Take for example Venmo which has emerged as serious competition for Paypal in the payments apps market. Waze is another example of an emerging brand taking away business from an established market giant like Google maps. But when it comes to how consumers are searching for brands, are they really opting for new and emerging brands in place of established category leaders?

To try and provide insight into this, Slant Marketing and Digital Third Coast worked together to analyze Google search trend data for the hottest emerging brands in America.  They looked at 20 different product and service categories to see how the hottest new and emerging brands are faring against established category leaders based on the average monthly search data in Google for each brand. They compiled their results in an interesting infographic that can be seen below. In many markets, when you compare many of these emerging brands to their category leaders, they ground they still have to make up is incredible.