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Should You Take a Working Vacation?

If you’re like my husband, you don’t go on any vacation without your laptop and Wi-Fi. He finds it hard to shut off when we travel, which sometimes makes me crazy. After all, I live for those days or weeks when I can turn off my work life and recharge with my family.

So who has the right attitude? My workaholic husband, or me, the happy-go-lucky vacationer?

While I’d like to say I’m the right one (I always am), I have to admit: it depends. Not every business is one that can be shuttered for a few weeks while you frolic on the beach. And not every business owner is comfortable leaving her company in the hands of others.

Here’s what you should consider before deciding what’s right for you. Read more

How to Take Time Off Without Stressing Over Your Small Business

If you’re like 1/3 of small business owners, you’ll be taking some vacation time this summer. But if you’re like me, that doesn’t mean you can completely shut off from your business. Even if there’s someone else running the show, as a business owner, you probably find it hard to not worry about your business.

It's breathtaking!  

Small Business Expert, Mike Pugh, offers the following tips to help you maximize your relaxation time, and if you have to do a little work on the beach, how to prioritize your communication while on the beach:

Let People Know You’re Out Catching Rays  Set up an automatic email response or update your voicemail greeting with a vacation memo. If people don’t know you’re on vacation, chances are they’ll keep on hounding you or feel offended that you haven’t returned an email or call. Simply letting people know you’re out is one of the best ways to cut yourself some slack and enjoy your time off. Read more

Giving Yourself a Break

My eight-year-old is in year ’round school, so he gets all of April for Spring Break. Yea. A month. I know.

The first few years, I struggled to retain my status as Cool Mom and take him to every museum and theme park in San Diego,  while struggling to get all my business work done. It was hard. But since then, I’ve learned to relax, shift around my schedule, and gasp have a little time off.

Why Are We So Hard on Ourselves?

I realized recently that we or at least I are our biggest critics as entrepreneurs. We think we have to work harder than we sometimes need to. We’re reluctant to take off an hour or day in case some catastrophe happens. But usually it doesn’t. That’s why I have a light schedule all of April each year. And guess what? There are never any marketing emergencies when I’m at the beach enjoying family time!

Find the Space  You Need

My husband, on the other hand, never takes off. Even on vacation, he’s right there with his laptop, like CorpNet writer  Howard Greenstein. But when he needs to be fully present for us, he is.

For me, my light month of work happens because I do a lot of blogging in March to cover what I’d normally be writing in April. It means doubling up on work for a few weeks, but the reward is that I hardly have to do any work this month. It feels a little like cheating! Read more

Why Getting Away from Your Business is the Best Thing You Can Do

I know a lot of entrepreneurs who can’t walk away from their companies for a day, let alone a week or two for vacation (my husband being one of them). But let me tell you: sometimes stepping away from daily operation is the best thing you can do for the continued success of your brand.

It took me a while to master this art. At first, I just knew that if I left, something would go wrong. Clients would have a problem and I wouldn’t be there to fix it (that’s the issue when you’re a solopreneur like me. There’s no one who can sub for me!). But then I took a vacation. And no one even blinked. Huh. And the funny thing is: after not thinking about my business for a few days or weeks, I was ready to jump back in with fresh eyes and ideas.

I just got back from a two week vacation in Ireland. My company didn’t collapse in my absence. Once I got through the 300 emails waiting for me, I got back into my routine with renewed vigor. I’ve got ideas from my trip that I’ll use in upcoming posts.

My vacation, in a sense, makes me a better business owner. Who wouldn’t want that?

Photo: keithpr on Flickr