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What Are The Ranking Factors That Really Matter Today?

There are many different factors by which a website achieves its ranking on the google index. Not all factors are equally important. Some ranking factors are more important than others and may significantly influence the ranking of a website. So, here is a list of the ranking factors that REALLY count today.

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The Small Business and The Mystery of SEO

Search marketing has grown in popularity as online search continues to evolve from a novelty to a standard feature in our everyday lives. Almost every business in the country, big or small and regardless of industry, has some kind of web presence, and everybody is competing for only a handful of positions at the top of search-engine results pages.

Research suggests that 93% of people looking for services and products do so using a search engine and your business being positioned as a result of this search is the ultimate goal of SEO. When somebody does a search on a certain topic and your website comes up at the top of the results page, you can be certain that you will be getting plenty of targeted traffic to your website.

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Internet Marketing: Why Outsourcing Your SEO and Social Media Needs is Ideal

In the ever evolving digital age we live in, marketing your business effectively is a top priority. According to an article printed by Entrepreneur, the average attention span of an adult is approximately 8 seconds. When you consider the thousands of websites and hundreds of competitors there are out there, making a lasting first impression is of the utmost importance. From developing an eye catching website to posting relevant content Internet marketing strategies such as SEO (search engine optimization) and Social Media marketing must be impeccable from start to finish.

Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

It’s pretty common for new business owners to assume all of the responsibilities in running a business. While such practices may work in the beginning as a means for saving a few extra bucks, over time, this could work against you. Taking on too many responsibilities essentially diminishes the quality of work you produce. Not to mention, your business will only evolve as far as your mental capacity allows. In other words, you can’t implement new SEO or social media marketing strategies if you’re not aware that they exist. Outsourcing such Internet marketing efforts allows you to get quality results and much more. Read more