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Building Trust With Your B2B Customers

Trust is possibly the single thing that will keep a customer coming back. It's likely more important in many B2B transactions than in B2C, simply because many business services and products involve a longer client relationship. So how can you continually instill trust with your customers as a B2B business?

The Big Deal About Coupons

I don’t buy anything without coupons. Well, if I do, I feel cheated and like I paid too much. From half off meals I get on Daily Deal sites to attraction discounts from the Entertainment book, I and a lot of other people never have to pay retail.

But what does that mean for you, the business owner? Is it worth it to have a loss leader just to entice people in with a shiny 50% off?

I say yes.

Even if that person never comes back (there are coupon-hoppers that would rather save on a meal at another restaurant rather than pay full price at yours a second time), people are social, and they’re sharing where they go.

What Brands are You Loyal To?

At DellCAP, someone brought up the topic of the brands we are loyal to in our lives. I gave this some thought. What brands would I stick with, through thick and thin? What ones would I use, even if they…

Melting the Cold Call

If you're like me, the phrase cold call sends chills down your spine. There's nothing scarier than the thought of having to call a complete stranger to try to sell my wares. But there are ways that you can be better at this skill. Read on.

Do You Empower Customer Service?

I’d like to share a little story about why it’s important to empower customer service to solve customers’ problems promptly.

I needed to order coffee pods for my Tassimo coffee maker recently, so I clicked on an email with a promotion. I added sales items to my cart, then tried to add items from other pages. But the two weren’t connected. So I couldn’t have a single purchase for both sales items and regular items.

Fail #1: Technology didn’t make my user experience easy.

I prevailed through this issue and went on to place my order. A day later, I received an email saying that one or more items from my order weren’t in stock. Only customer service didn’t have visibility into what items they were. Upon logging into my account, I couldn’t even see my order.


How to be a Bad Salesperson

Here’s a story. I love sharing stories to illustrate a point.

I received a call from someone who consults for Facebook. Since I didn’t recognize the number, I let it go to voicemail. She wasn’t specific about what she wanted, but it had to do with my husband’s startup. Did Facebook want to buy them? Integrate with them? The possibilities were interesting.

She said she’d email me too, so I went to my email to see what the deal was. She didn’t reveal a lot more in the email, but her signature screamed salesperson. Not interested.

So I emailed her back and told her politely that we weren’t in a position to advertise at this point.

Within the next week, she left three more messages.

Hi Susan! This is X from Facebook, just checking back with you! Blah blah blah.

Clearly, if I was interested, I would have responded by now, right? Plus I had emailed her.

By the third call, I was livid. I wrote her another email, this time with the subject: Please stop calling me. (How’s that for an attention-getter?)

You’ve left me three voicemails after I emailed you back telling you I wasn’t interested in advertising. This is beyond persistent. Please take me off your list. Thank you.


Update on Dell’s Customer Advisory Panel

So when I attended DellCAP (that’s its Customer Advisory Panel, FYI) a few months ago, I said I believed they were listening to what we told them. One of my contacts from the event sent us an update today, which shows that they are indeed listening and working toward change. Iwanted to share it with you. Here’s what they sent:


We heard: Offended by up sell while trying to get support.

Dell: We’reincreasing audits of support agents and call monitoring to ensure agents are following guidelines for the initiative.

We heard: I would consider paying a premium for better built in support.

Dell: Your Tech Team (YTT) is a support option available.   YTT plans increased marketing to make support option advantages more widely known to customers.

Who Are Your Segments?

Last week at DellCAP, I sat in a session where Dell identified its customer segments for a particular set of products. Some of them included: Price Sensitives Sensible Traditionalists Creative Explorers Expressive Connectors Casual Connectors

Amazing Day at Dell

I just got out of a full day of fun at Dell’s headquarters for its Customer Advisory Panel. So much to say, and not enough time to write it all. Here’s a massive brain dump. Look for future posts next…
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