As retailers all over the world try to come up with new ways to improve their customers’ shopping experiences, the experts have a few pointers for them. Retail Vision recently approached 40 well-known authorities in the industry to know more about what they think about the future.

While Rick Moss from the Retail Wire says that the coming years will belong to retailers who enable customers to make their own decisions, the Retail Champion’s Clare Rayner predicts a merging of all channels in the future, leading to new levels of personalization and co-creation between the retailer and the customer.


Author Bio

John Ibbotson BSc co-founded Retail Vision in 1992  after a Retail Management career at senior level with Littlewoods, Makro, ASDAWalmart, ParkNShop, Cooperative Group and several years consulting with Ryder Strategies. He implemented Retail Best Practice in Asda, ParkNShop and the Cooperative Group. He is a specialist in Retail Best Practice, Retail Management, Category Management, and Retail Systems. He has developed retail initiatives with many clients including Retail Strategy, Retail Organisation, and Retail Best Practice in the UK, USA, Europe and the Middle East.