Social media is where people are. For instance, according to the Business Insider information, people spend around 50 minutes daily on Facebook. They scroll through their newsfeed and regularly check what their friends and people they know are involved in.

That is why more and more businesses have moved to the social media to find their potential customers and nurture them into loyal clients. Clickable content is the way to do it.

If you create content that does not leave anyone indifferent and drives traffic to your blog all the time, you are among that small percentage of successful entrepreneurs that have achieved success in this area.

However, the reality is that most businesspeople study this issue, and spend time and money researching what works best for their potential customers and achieve nothing.

If you are one of such desperate entrepreneurs, then read on. In this article, we will introduce you to the basic rules that work best when it comes to content that will get shared. So, get ready to take notes and utilize the knowledge that will bring your content to a brand-new quality level.

Here are five strategies to create clickable content in social media:-

1. Choose the right content for the right audience

One of the reasons your content does not go viral is because you chose the wrong content and shared it with the wrong people. So, if you want your posts to get shared in the social media, then make sure to target the right people.

This issue takes time and consideration, as each niche might have different audiences within itself. Thus, if you are writing about healthy nutrition, then you might choose busy mothers, athletes, or dieticians as your target audience, but you cannot reach out to all of them at once. Bear that in mind.

Besides, once you identify who your target audience is, make sure to target them in your social media ads. You can specify everything you find relevant and important about your audience including their age and demographics.

As a result, only the right audience will find your content advertised while they scroll through their social media newsfeed. You will not waste money on sharing valuable information with those who do not need it.

Moreover, you will save your time and effort which would otherwise be spent for nothing.

Also, make sure that you post relevant content at the right time. For instance, there is no point in posting content for busy mothers in the morning. The best time for them is during the lunch break and in the evening when they have put their kids to bed.

So, choose the right target audience and realize what time is best for them.

2. Add more visual aids

The thing is that more than 60% of all people comprehend visual information better. Besides, if you look at the profiles of your business rivals on the social media, you will see that posts that contain visual aids like images, videos, or infographics get more shares than others. This means that if you want to get shared you have to keep up with this trend and make your content suitable for visual learners.

So, the next time you sit down to plan your content strategy for the next couple of months, make sure to plan images, videos or infographics beforehand. Alternatively, you can create your own videos and images which would contain your logo or a link to your blog or a website.

It is another brilliant strategy to drive more traffic, but this is a topic for a different discussion. For now, focus on getting more visual aids to make your content more clickable than ever. Turn your blog into a real stunner.

3. Keep it simple

One of the best things you can do for your content to make it popular among the readers on the social media is making it as simple as possible. A common misconception is that the smarter you sound, the more readers you will attract. But in reality, as soon as the readers read your text, they feel incredibly stupid and instead of reading your piece, opt for an article they can actually read and understand.

Moreover, if you want your target audience to proceed to read the whole piece, it must be as simple as possible so that people who read this article feel comfortable about sharing this content with their friends who might have no primary knowledge of the subject at all. To put it simply, make sure that you use short words, easy-to-understand structures and simple paragraphs with a clear meaning. This can be your key to success, so why not try it?

4. Create headlines that will draw attention.

The first thing readers will see in your article is its title. They have no idea what is inside your text, what your background is, and how they can benefit from reading your piece. It is your job to explain all this. And this explanation should start with an intriguing and engaging title.

Smart Blogger recommends using special “power” words which make your post sound more intelligent and as a result readers tend to trust your opinion more. Besides, your headline must contain an answer to a question which goes as follows: “What is in this article for me?” Give them a clear picture of all the useful information they will learn as well as practical ways to utilize it for them after they learn it.

Maybe your article can teach them how to avoid some problems or solve issues they have at the moment. Remember to let them know about it in one short but engaging sentence which is your headline. It can make all the difference, so do not miss a chance.

5. Add social media buttons

It might seem like an obvious thing to say, but for some reasons, so many people seem to ignore this fact. If you want your content to get shared in the social media, you have to make this process easy for them. It is a no-brainer, yet so many bloggers miss the target because of such a silly mistake.

On top of that, make these buttons visible or even make them move along as the reader is scrolling through the page. A few words of encouragement might be of help as well. So, you mention something like “Sharing is caring” — it might have a magic effect on your readers. In other words, create a call-to-action next to the social media sharing buttons for better effect.

And make it easy for other companies to share your content too. It will bring you even more traffic which is an extremely positive thing for your blog and social media promotion.

As you see, you might do everything right, use proofreading and editing services, create valuable content but get no shares at the end of the day. The reasons must be very different, but if you follow our tips on how to make your content clickable, you are more likely to reach your target.

So, waste no more time and get down to business. And also, in the comments below share what you think about these steps. We would love to hear your opinion!

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