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5 Offline Branding Strategies That Work Effectively

Online marketing receives immense attention in the business world, but one cannot neglect traditional offline marketing campaigns, tools and methods. There are some techniques of SEO strategies that work better in some scenarios too.

Here are five offline branding strategies that stand to benefit your business effectively:

5 Offline Branding Strategies That Work Effectively

Social Media Branding For Small Businesses: Understanding The Scenario

The concept of social media has proved to be highly advantageous for the new age generation. Be it merely for the sake of interaction purpose with people or to promote brand awareness, social media can just be the perfect place to begin. When it comes to social media branding for small business, it may not be an easy walk through the park. The process of digitization has proved to be effective in making the branding process a little easier.

The leading Internet marketing companies are combining the proven digital marketing techniques like digital ads, SMO (social media optimization) and SEO (search engine optimization) to make small businesses expand their horizons on brand awareness while ensuring higher productivity and increased profitability.

Social Media Branding For Small Businesses: Understanding The Scenario

The Ultimate Guide to Micro-Influencers [Gifographic]

Businesses are racing against each other to win the trust of consumers. Due to this, any promotional efforts - such as advertisements and sponsorships - are focusing more on authenticity.

This greater focus is exactly why you need to work with micro-influencers. Despite a smaller reach, these influencers are more effective at engaging, and winning the trust of your target audience.

Myths and Trends About Domain Names

It feels as if the year is getting off to a roaring start for domain names and the domain name industry. There are many trends to start and follow this year. In addition, you must learn to debunk the domain name myths that are still out there for some reason. As of 2016, there were over 190 million domain names registered. And, there is phenomenal growth for new gTLD domains such as .ai domain names, which account for 22.8 million registrations by July 2016. So, if you think there aren’t any good domain names left-you would be mistaken.

Myths and Trends About 2017 Domain Names

How To Find and Thrive In Your Niche To Grow Your Business

In business and in life, the old adage applies: “You cannot please everybody.” No matter how wonderful your product or service is, it will most probably cater to a specific group of people only - and this is actually a good thing.

When you have a target audience in mind, you will be able to connect with them more effectively. These are the people that you should really know - how they think, how they behave, how they feel, how they grow and change through time. And when you consolidate all this information together, you would have the answer on how to market your products and services to them in the right way and through the best channels.

Focusing on a specific group helps you to zero in on your strengths and develop your expertise. Why is it always wiser to be a master in your niche, rather to be a jack-of-all-trades?

How To Find and Thrive In Your Niche To Grow Your Business

Learn How and Why Your Brand Needs a Style Guide [Infographic]

Whether you’re starting a new website or adding to an established one, you can’t place too much importance on quality. A couple of decades ago, website developers could get away with amateurish designs. Today, they face too much competition to ignore the importance of professional design. Considering that nearly 1,180 posts get published on Tumblr every second, your site obviously needs a design that helps it stand out from the crowd.

Making a style guide is one of the most effective ways to ensure high quality on every page. Some people think that style guides only apply to writing. While your style guide should address issues related to spelling, punctuation, and other elements of style, a well-rounded guide will also direct graphic designers. If you make a useful style guide, your website will have a coherent appearance even if several designers work independently on it.

Check out this white paper published by CopyPress to learn more about why you should create a style guide. The white paper also offers plenty of tips that will make it easier for you to make a unique style guide that improves the quality of your site. If you’re serious about developing a great website that attracts visitors, customers, and advertisers, you have to spend some time creating a style guide that makes your site stand out from others.

7 Most Effective Marketing Tips to Promote Your Brand

The goal of every company is to reach out to as many potential customers as possible. This is for the simple fact that the more people learn about you, the more likely they are to do business with you. However, considering how competitive the market can be, not many businesses manage to achieve their goal of reaching as many customers. This is a problem that can easily be resolved by making good use of the Internet when promoting your brand.

The purpose of this post is to educate you on the different ways you can promote your brand more effectively.

7 Most Effective Marketing Tips to Promote Your Brand

4 Of The Best Branding Practices

Your business, large or small must be properly branded to ensure you are giving your audience what it needs to know and understand what it is you offer. A brand is simply the way a customer perceives you from the beginning to the end. Branding includes every aspect including your website, your logo, your marketing strategies, your communication and even the way you conduct business online. There are branding practices you can start with today to create an amazing background for your business to run on by creating a successful brand strategy that never grows old.

What’s In A Name? 6 Unique Ways To Brand Your Business

The majority of purchase decisions are based on emotional response, not pricing. That is just one reason why it is so essential for you to reach out to your customers and really try to connect to them. Organizations that focus more on winning hearts than offering bargains do so by creating a well-defined, relatable bond with consumers. It is amazing how much that can help sell your product and build loyalty. Plus, people are usually willing to spend more money on high-quality products and really good service. Here are some creative ways to define who you are as a company, brand your business and jumpstart your marketing efforts.

What Yummy Cupcakes’ Customer Service Can Teach Your Small Business

When your company turns ten years old, it’s cause for celebration. And what’s a birthday celebration without a (cup)cake?

That was the thought process when Susan Guillory, the rockstar owner of Egg Marketing, ordered and sent Yummy Cupcakes to loop in team members like myself from afar into the festivities.

The problem? The United States Postal Service didn’t quite get the message that this party needed to be enjoyed in a timely manner or else (like any good party that goes on for far too long), it’d start to rot.

Using Tone In Your Marketing Content Starts Here

On a recent trip across the country, I piece-mealed my travel between a few airlines and I was struck by how different brands use tone across their content.  Tone gives products or brands a personality that people can relate to while simultaneously communicating the brand itself.

For example, T-Mobile’s irreverent tone enforces a rebellious brand and the company’s marketing further communicates through its copy, promotions, and graphics. All align to say, “T-Mobile is not like big cell phone carriers. We’re different. We’re rebels. Choose T-Mobile and say no to big mobile. Be a rebel like us.”

Southwest Airlines is another example of effective tone; from the billboards on the way to the airport, to the wheelchairs in the terminal, the king of the low-cost carriers has a clear tone that personifies an accessible brand takes care of traveler’s simplest needs. And if you fly with them often, you come to expect their cheeky statements and clever puns.

Using Tone In Your Marketing Content Starts Here

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