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Top 10 Tips To Reduce Your Support Queries Using Video

The failure to resolve problems with your customers in a timely manner is one of the top two reasons for customer loss. Of course, your customers are going to have problems over time – we all know that is a given. However, it is not all that easy to deal with those problems efficiently and successfully enough as your company grows, thanks to the restraints on budget and time.

One of the greatest abilities of video marketing is its ability to reduce support queries. You will find that through the use of effective videos you will not only be able to resolve your customer problems, but also save time and increase customer satisfaction.

The thing is, most human beings are stubborn and don’t like asking for help. What’s even worse is when they have to wait for that help that they have so begrudgingly asked for.

The great thing about video is that it’s a powerful learning tool, which combines both audio and visual elements so that it can engage different learning types. Another great thing is that it’s very easily accessible online.

Are you ready to learn all about how you can use video to reduce your support queries? Let’s begin!

#1. Use The Power Of Screen Capture To Show And Tell.

Let’s say a customer of yours is struggling to use a particular feature of your product. Well, instead of calling that support team of yours or perhaps even raising a ticket, you can solve the problem most easily through a well-crafted video.

The video can show the customer in real-time, how to use the particular feature thanks to the simple process of capturing the requisite steps on screen and compiling them into a concise video!

#2. Make A Video Series.

If you want your customers to learn all about your product features without having to call customer support, it’s a really good idea to create a product series. When you make a short and sweet video that is not more than two minutes in length, you will go a long way towards explaining that product of yours with the greatest élan.

That is because no customer wants to sit through a long and boring video. Rather, they will ingest the information way better via a video series wherein each video gives them critical nuggets of invaluable information.

#3. Give Customers Enough Information Before They Buy Your Product.

It’s a really good idea to pitch those explainer videos to your potential customers before they have bought your product. That will help reduce support queries a great deal, as people who have problems after they have bought your product are still most likely to reach out for that customer support.

By pitching videos beforehand, you will find that you can create realistic expectations about your product and even improve customer satisfaction.

#4. Use Animated Videos To Instruct Your Customers In The Best Possible Manner.

When it comes to explaining cumbersome steps to your potential customers, you will find that animated videos do the job expertly well. Animation lends an irresistible charm to the video and helps explain the most difficult concepts to your users in the easiest manner possible. Of course, nobody likes reading instructions, and using an animated video is the best way to help them understand how to make use of your product or service.

That is because right from childhood we have been engaged by animated videos, and when you need to explain something well you need that customer of yours to be thoroughly engaged.

#5. Set Up An Online Knowledge Base.

It is interesting to note that 51 percent of customers say that they like to get their information from an online knowledge base. When you think of this kind of resource, you will find that video plays a very big part indeed. Of course, you can accompany your video with things like blog articles, infographics, and guides.

This will definitely help you answer those questions from your customers with a great degree of clarity. Make sure you make it easy to navigate, of course, so that your customers easily find what they are looking for.

#6. Make Sure You Share Your Videos In All The Possible Places.

While you might have that online knowledge base as we have discussed in the preceding point, it doesn’t hurt to use more avenues to share that video of yours. Make sure that you share it on your blog and each and every one of your social networking sites as well.

That will ensure that your customers will in all probability inadvertently stumble upon the information that will help them find what they are looking for.

#7. Make Sure You Make Videos Often.

You obviously want to create a video whenever you have a new feature. That will ensure that loads of people out there watch it and have their problems nipped in the bud. There will always be teething problems whenever you have new features integrated into your brand.

That is why you should not only pitch those videos to your customers beforehand as we have already discussed. Make sure you pitch them again to them right when that new feature is out. That will reduce those support queries considerably.

#8. Ask Your Customers To Send Their Own Homemade Videos.

Yes, this is probably very under tried but it can work wonders when it comes to helping your customers solve their problems. What you need to do is simply ask your customers to send videos depicting how they have tackled the most common problems that they have experienced with your product.

In return, you can give them something special like a cool discount. This will lend a lot of credibility to the customer support process, as these are actual buyers of your product silently vouching for your brand!

#9. Bring Your FAQs To Life Using Video.

A lot of people find it rather cumbersome to go through the entire FAQs section you might be having on your website. Why not bring those FAQs to life instead through the use of well-crafted videos? You will find that you can even make those FAQs all the more engaging by infusing humor into them.

This you can do with the help of some witty dialogues that you can include in the video script. You would make a video for explaining other things, right? Why not use them for your FAQs section as well?

#10. Make The Videos As Natural As You Possibly Can.

The very idea of using video to reduce your support queries is to provide the perfect alternative to the latter. That is exactly why even though there might not be an actual person explaining the solution to your client’s problem, they should get that very important human connection from the experience. So, don’t be afraid of there being any awkward pauses in that video of yours, and most certainly don’t try and be overtly professional.

Quite ironically, this rule applies even when you are taking the help of a professional! Be as human as you can possibly be and watch the results…

No matter what kind of business you are in, you will find you will always have to answer a lot of questions that are unnecessary. You only make them necessary if you allow them to be so, and by using some stellar videos you can obliterate the need to answer them altogether.

It has been well documented that video works better than text and images when it comes to explaining things to people, so why not use it to answer a whole bunch of unnecessary questions that will only drain your support staff of their precious time?

The very feeling of asking for help is not a very good thing, even if the answers your customers will be getting, in the end, are worth it. That’s human nature; people want to feel in control of things and the best way you can give them that sense of control is by lending them those valuable explanatory videos on a platter.

Your customer support team is very important when it comes to your business; let’s not forget that. No matter how powerful those videos might be, there will always remain some things that can only be explained by your support team.

That is why it is absolutely crucial to give them all the support they need, thereby helping them concentrate on things that truly matter. In the end, you will find a happy customer support team that has fewer queries, which means happier customers!

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