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4 Ways to to Keep Your Email Marketing Out of the Viagra Inbox

I don’t like spam. I’m sure like me, your spam folder is filled with emails that promise to fulfill your every sexual need. Unfortunately, I’m not the target market for Viagra and its counterparts. While the idea of spam is that by blanketing every findable email address with an ad for a given product, a percentage will buy it, this isn’t an effective email marketing ploy. Don’t do it.


Spammers are careless marketers. But, if even 1% of 100,000 buy their product, that’s enough to pay for the time spent spamming! According to Techdirt, 14% of people read spam, and at least 4% admit to buying products from spam emails. Still, it’s an unsavory practice, and you can hope that spammers don’t sleep well at night.

How to Stay Out of the Spam Box

So how do you make sure only those people who are within your target receive your marketing message? In this case, we’ll focus on email marketing. Here’s a true or false quiz to see if you know the answer.

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