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Susan Guillory is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, a San Diego-based content marketing firm. She's written several marketing and entrepreneurship books, and contributes to Forbes, AllBusiness, and TweakYourBiz. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

Jon Wuebben Says the Future of Marketing is Now

Quite honestly, I don’t read and review a lot of marketing books these days. They tend to say the same thing over and over. But when Jon Wuebben, author of not one but two books on content marketing, asked me to review his new book Future Marketing: Winning in the Prosumer Age, something told me to read it.

Future Marketing

Rather than covering the same tired digital marketing topics, Wuebben, a fan of futurist authors like Dr. Ray Kurzweil and Alvin Toffler, applies their theories about the future to marketing. It turns out, they all saw it coming. The technology. The social networks. The sharing of information. It’s fascinating to line up their predictions to marketing, even if they weren’t specifically aimed at marketing. Read more

[BOOK REVIEW] The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing & Digital PR

The funny thing about books in the digital marketing space is that they become outdated nearly as soon as they’re published.  It’s hard to write a current book, not knowing what technologies and tools are coming down the pipeline. But some books — for example, The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing & Digital PR by Luke Nicholson, Charlie Marchant, and Tim Kitchen — provide long-lasting value by focusing on strategy and tactics rather than the latest and greatest trends in marketing.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. It was right in my wheelhouse: full of actionable advice any small business owner can follow to stand out in a sea of competition. I tend to favor books that teach you how to do something rather than just talk about high-level concepts you can do nothing with. Read more

Egg Marketing’s 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve been creating New Year’s Resolutions for my marketing company nearly as long as we’ve been in business (which is 10 years). Each year, I’ve lasered in on exactly what I want to focus on in the coming year. The list has gotten shorter as my business has become more established.


I’ve successfully grown my business tenfold. Added staff to reduce my workload. Become a public speaker. Ghostwritten (and authored) business books. My list of accomplishments when it comes to my annual resolutions has been pretty long.

That’s why this year I’m cutting myself some slack and focusing on one single goal for 2017.

Sometimes One is All You Need

My personal life saw a lot of upheaval this year, and that took its toll on my business (though no one but me would be able to tell). It was hard to focus on growing Egg this year, though we still did pretty well.

I started contributing to bigger, better-known sites like AT&T’s Business Circle and Startup Nation. I enjoyed that, and would like to do more of that in the future.

My staff has been amazing, and being able to rely on them to impress clients is such a relief to me.

I’ve pretty much accomplished most of what I’ve ever set out to do.

So in 2017, my goal is simple: get back on track to growing Egg and serving even more small business customers.

We’ve got the formula down. Now all we have to do is replicate it.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

If the idea of setting New Year’s Resolutions is worse than going to the dentist for you, don’t. Typically I enjoy setting goals and working to reach them, but I’ve acknowledged that I can’t force it. And who says you only have to set resolutions at the start of the year? Maybe mid-year is a better time for you to assess where you want to take your business.

So cut yourself some slack this year, too. Enjoy a cup of peppermint mocha and a read by the fire instead.

10 Years in Business: Beating the Odds

Tomorrow’s a special day for us at Egg. It’s the day we celebrate being in business for…wait for it…10 years! We’ve beat the odds, and come out better than 96% of small businesses. That’s huge.

Happy 10th Birthday to Egg Marketing

When I wrote my first press release for a client in 2006 (who I found on MySpace Classifieds, by the way), I was looking for a way to make money until my next job. But after a few more projects, I realized: this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to help small businesses who couldn’t afford to hire full-time marketing staff to attract customers. I’m proud to say that we’ve stuck to that mission.

A lot’s changed in 10 years:

  • I finally gave up trying to design my own logo and website. Hooray delegation!
  • It’s not just me turning the wheels of this machine anymore. I now have three amazing writers and one kick-ass editor.
  • We’ve stopped doing PR and focused solely on content and a smattering of social media.

Read more