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7 Ideas for Finding Effective Keywords to Grow Your Business

In today’s cut-throat era, when everywhere contemporaries fight fiercely against each other to reach the ultimate goal, to do the right things at the right time is absolutely obligatory. So, if you own a business then you might already have an idea about how important digital marketing is nowadays. And, one of the significant steps of the whole concept lies in effective keyword research.

Is Keyword Tracking Dead?

When it comes to keyword research in 2016, digital agencies and freelance SEOs alike are putting a hyper-focus on long-tail keywords. And for good reason.

As Google’s semantic search becomes more intelligent and users search specific questions (and even full sentences), long-tail keywords can help SEOs increase organic traffic tenfold.

SEO agencies have also shifted their key performance indicators away from keyword tracking and towards the number of leads and sales generated by a website. Keyword rankings are no longer the number one priority of most digital agencies.

This shift in success begs the question, “Is keyword tracking dead?”

No, keyword tracking is not dead—it’s just less important.

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