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5 Ways You Can Curate Your Instagram Feed Like A Pro

In this day in age, you need to be prominent on social media if you’re a small business. The problem? Knowing which social network to choose. With social media giants and newbies alike constantly competing for the next top spot in the online marketing industry, it can seem like you need to be everywhere to have a reasonable impact (or make any sort of dent in your online sales goal!) But the truth? It only takes one to really send you to the top.

For us, that’s Instagram. Back in 2010 when they first came on the scene, it was merely a cool place to share photos of the last night out with your friends, cool food pics (um, have you seen all of the toppings on my Sunday Funday Bloody Mary?) and maybe for the smartest of us, an occasional post promoting your up and coming venture. But now, it’s really not a choice but to be on the photo-sharing app.

5 Instagram Marketing Tools

Do you need the better marketing tools on Instagram? Most of the marketers have used Instagram as it provides the right kind of tools for helping them.

Why Instagram?

The platform of Instagram is the fast growing picture and video sharing social network, having 700 million active users. Google Trends exhibit the large mass of searches on the Instagram which makes it a renowned network for marketing purposes.

Here are the top five Instagram marketing tools which can make the Instagram marketing process easier for you.

Building a Strong Instagram Presence for Your Brand

The social network and mobile photo-sharing app Instagram was founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger, and was bought by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion. According to the site, the social media platform has over 500 million monthly users and 300 million daily active users.

Instagram is photocentric and videocentric, meaning users can post and edit pictures and short videos, record “stories,” and go live with video. You can use all of these features to beef up your Instagram presence. Here’s how.

4 Reasons That Will Make You Understand Why Instagram Is The Best Marketing Platform

The route of marketing and advertising is pointing towards profound visual and social trade. With that in mind, Instagram is leading in this movement, making the said app as the best social media platform to advertise your products and services.

This platform in social media holds an enormous amount of opportunities when it comes to digital marketing through their ads and tools. Instagram is proving that they’re a must-have in any digital marketing and social media strategy.

Does My Business Need An Instagram Page?

Instagram is a very unique social media platform. For many businesses, it might not seem like a necessity. Twitter can provide quick, instant updates in 140 characters or less, and Facebook makes business posts look more official. But Instagram isn’t just for teenagers who take selfies every day. No, it’s much more than that - and here’s 5 reasons why …

15 Best Practices For Twitter, YouTube, And Instagram

Chances are you’re familiar with these social networking and sharing sites: Twitter for quick exchanges with real and digital friends; YouTube for watching stand-up comedy and cute cat videos; and Instagram to get your dose of mouthwatering foodie photos and pictures of exotic locations.

However, using these networks to promote your brand and business is an entirely different story. And in this post, we’ll look at 15 best practices for Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram that you can apply today to take your social media marketing efforts (and results) to another level!

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