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Five Digital Freebies That Will Help Attract Customers

Giving out promotional items is an excellent way to remind people what your company does and  how to get in touch with you when they need the products or services your provide. But while  pens, coffee mugs and calendars play a valuable role, why not supplement those tangible freebies  with your own expertise and information clients can use in the form of white papers, reports and  even webinars?

Here are five ways to capture the interest of your target audience and give potential customers a  reason to do business with your company.

Why You Need to Know Thy Customer

This is modified from my post on Bizlaunch.

One Click Or Two?

Looking to sell more? Pay attention to your customer. She’ll tell you everything she  wants and needs, as well as how can you deliver products or market to her in a way that speaks her language, if you know how to listen.

How to Find Out What Your Customer Wants

Think you can’t afford to research what your customer is thinking? Wrong.

The Benefits of Treating Your Customers Like Friends

Your customers are your company’s life blood, and the very reason that you are able to continue to do business, especially if you’re a small company. Because of this, treating your customers like friends, with respect and appreciation, rather than just consumers you’re trying to coerce into buying your products or services. One of the downfalls of big business is that customers tend to get lost in the shuffle, which is where small businesses can make up ground with their larger competitors. Here are three important reasons you want to treat your customers more like friends:

It helps create brand loyalty. When your customers feel like friends, they typically feel like they can come to you when they have a problem without any negative repercussions or like they’re an unimportant waste of time. Feeling important and valued helps create brand loyalty with your company, making customers much more likely to be repeat customers versus one-time buyers.


Customers become more likely to positively share your products/services with others. Think about the types of companies you personally want to promote to your friends and family. Usually the reason that you’re open to sharing the company with others is because they’ve done something to make you feel like you matter. Being warm and welcoming to your customers, encouraging feedback, and talking to them as equals helps foster a relationship with your customers, and they’re likely to want to share that positive experience with others. In the same respect, when your customers feel undervalued and underappreciated they’re likely to negatively share their opinion about your company with anyone and everyone they know.

It encourages honest feedback that you can use to grow and improve your business. If your customers feel like their opinions are actually heard when given to you, they’re much more likely to respond to any inquiries you have about how to improve the business and the products or services you’re offering. Getting this honest feedback allows you to move your business in the direction it needs to go to continue to flourish and grow.

Who Are Your Segments?

Last week at DellCAP, I sat in a session where Dell identified its customer segments for a particular set of products. Some of them included: Price Sensitives Sensible Traditionalists Creative Explorers Expressive Connectors Casual Connectors
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