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What SME’s Need To Consider Before Hiring A Marketing Agency

What SME’s Need to Consider Before Hiring A Marketing Agency

Marketing a business is typically a time-consuming process, and in some areas such as digital, requires specialist knowledge, so hiring an agency in many cases makes good sense. There are many excellent agencies that have driven stellar results for their…

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Freelancer or Agency

As a small business owner, you can only do so much yourself. Sure, early on, you'll have your hands in the marketing, accounting, sales, and customer service, but as your company grows, you'll need to find others who can help you take on some of these tasks.
Why SEO And Content Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

Why SEO and Content Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

SEO and content marketing continue to make changes in the world of digital marketing. According to the claims of many digital marketing companies, content marketing probably will replace SEO. However, it will hardly happen, as both strategies are important in the…
4 Things That Can Help You In Dealing With Content Scraping

4 Things That Can Help You in Dealing with Content Scraping

Scraping, reproduction, or plagiarism; no matter what fancy name you use, the essence remains the same, which is the copying of someone else’s content. With the development of various tools and software programs, it is getting extremely convenient for people…
The Secret To Effective Business Networking

The Secret to Effective Business Networking

I’ve been attending local networking events as long as I’ve run my content marketing agency (so, 13 years). I’m aware that trying to sell yourself isn’t the general concept behind effective business networking, that it’s better to build relationships over time…
Marketing Eggspert Round-up: Email Marketing Tips

Marketing Eggspert Round-up: Email Marketing Tips

This week’s Marketing Eggspert is all about Email Marketing. In business, we are all on email and it’s an important part of our working life. Here I’ve collated email marketing tips on how to make your marketing efforts using email…
How Social Media Can Help With Your SEO Efforts

How Social Media Can Help With Your SEO Efforts

Social media and SEO are both important parts of the digital strategy for any business – but sometimes the value that each can have for the other is misunderstood. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that activity on social…
Local SEO For Restaurants: Tips To Dominate Local Search

Local SEO for Restaurants: Tips to Dominate Local Search

In today’s fast-paced industry, people rely on mobile phones to search for local businesses. This is especially true when people look for restaurants. We expect to see a full menu and reviews in order for us to decide. As a…
Video Marketing: How A Professional Service Works

Video Marketing: How a Professional Service Works

In these times, more and more consumers are performing video search, and YouTube is generally considered to be the world’s second biggest search engine. Hence, for any brand looking to ensure relevance and longevity, online video content is a must.…
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