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It’s been a hell of a year, hasn’t it? Between the pandemic and politics—not to mention the day-to-day stressors the average small business has—it’s been challenging to keep our heads above water, let alone think about the future.

But as things slow down a bit around this holiday season, I invite you to do three things: rest, reframe, and rejuvenate. Trust me, both you and your business will be better for it.

Rest your body and mind so you can get back to crushing it

Even if you normally take a vacation, you may not have taken one this year. Where is there to go? The idea of getting on a plane wearing a mask for several hours and wiping every available surface does not appeal to many of us. I try to take at least one international trip a year, and have had three trips canceled because of Covid-19 this year.

And yet, entrepreneurs desperately need that time to disconnect and unwind. Starting and running a business understandably requires more work and causes more stress: 61% of entrepreneurs have higher stress levels than when they started their businesses, and 60% struggle to take time off.

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