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One of my true joys as an entrepreneur is having the ability to run my company from anywhere in the world. I’m also a travel blogger, so I find myself exploring ruins in Sardinia, wine tasting on California’s Central Coast, or eating my way through France several times a year. I can’t afford to completely stop working on some of these trips, so I’ve maximized my skills as a digital nomad.

My hope is that by providing the tips I’ve learned through experience, I can help you get out of your workspace and into the world, too.

Do what you can in advance

Of course, it’s my preference to be able to lounge on the beach all day or explore a new city when I travel, so I strive to get as much of my work done before my vacation as possible. I’m fortunate that I can write content for my clients ahead of time; not everyone will be able to work on projects weeks or months in advance. Do what you can in advance, then plan out the rest in advance.

Plan your new work schedule

You don’t want to work eight hour days while you’re somewhere exciting, I’m guessing, so I recommend you do what I do: If I’m overseas, I account for the time difference and play while everyone is sleeping. So I spend the mornings sightseeing, then a few hours in the afternoon or evening writing and responding to emails.

It may take some getting used to if you’re more accustomed to a typical 9-to-5 schedule, but that’s the beauty of being a digital nomad: It probably doesn’t matter when you work, unless you need to be available for phone calls or virtual meetings.

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