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What Makes Your Customer Unsubscribe From Your Email List

What Makes Your Customer Unsubscribe From Your Email List

When you notice a rise in unsubscribe rates from your email list, as an email marketer you always tend to think that there is zero or no possibility to get them back. But it’s not always the case. If you regularly analyze the customers’ behavior, content sent and underlying reasons to unsubscribe, you cannot get back all, but a few of them can be retained.

Once you make an attempt to understand why people are unsubscribing from your list, you can resolve and rework issues and thus design your email marketing campaigns accordingly.

What Turns Off Your Readers The Most When You Send Them An email?

When your unsubscribe rates keep soaring high, directly or indirectly, it has to do with your email campaign frequency and irrelevant email. What annoys them most is overflowing emails on their inbox and irrelevant email messages.

Too many emails in just a couple of days and then a no-show, or just mailing them too often without any relevant message, makes them super exasperated. Yes, it’s high time not to ignore that relevance and frequency are correlated. If the email message content is relevant, subscribers wouldn’t even mind receiving emails so often and of course, the content sent would be having a rhythm, flow, and connection with the readers’ expectations.

It has also been proved that even if the content is relevant, it should be consistent and follow a schedule catering to your customers’ needs. It wouldn’t be possible for customers to read each and every email due to hectic work schedules and other commitments. And if you keep sending more than a couple of emails with irrelevant content, your email marketing is sure to backfire, leading to a rise in unsubscribes.

Besides the frequency of emails or content relevance, there are other factors like unattractive subject lines, wrong timings, corrupt images, unstructured emails, promotional content, non-personalization, improper email designs, and inappropriate placing of CTAs; all playing an equally important role in annoying your existing customers and creating unsubscribes.

How to Bring Your Customers Back onto your Mailing List

What Makes Your Customer Unsubscribe From Your Email List

Retaining even 10 percent of your unsubscribe rates can ease the number of opt-ins and re-engagement of the same. It is definitely worth your time, effort, and money spent to retain them. Now you know what turns them off, forcing them to unsubscribe from your mailing list, it’s time to get them back; maybe not all but we can find ways to retain some of them. Even during the course of sending email campaigns, you can frequently carry on surveys asking, for example:

  • How are we doing?
  • Are the emails you are receiving relevant?
  • What else you would like to read, and do you have any queries or comments?

This will encourage your readers to be vocal about how they feel and you will receive timely feedback before they blacklist your emails.

And yes, when they say that you are sending too many emails, sending irrelevant email messages or I like reading your emailer but I don’t want too many of them, take this on board. Thus, these two factors i.e. email frequency and irrelevant content, if addressed correctly could eventually bring your customers back to the mailing list.

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