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What Brands are You Loyal To?

At DellCAP, someone brought up the topic of the brands we are loyal to in our lives. I gave this some thought. What brands would I stick with, through thick and thin? What ones would I use, even if they cost more than others? Here are the ones I could really commit to:

Dell: Naturally, after coming back from this event, I’m loving them even more than usual (the elote helped, Carly & Sarah). My last two computers have been Dells, and I see no reason to change. They consistently deliver quality products and decent (getting better) customer service.

PRWeb: I’m on a first name basis with people at PRWeb, simply because I’ve been using them for press release distribution for so long. They ask my opinion and invite me to participate in betas. This makes me happy.

Constant Contact: I’m a business partner, and have been using Constant Contact for years. Other products have come on the market, but I’m of the if it ain’t broke mindset.

Nespresso: I recently bought this high end coffee maker because the customer service at Tassimo sucked. The coffee is amazing, which helps, but so is the customer service.

DHC: This Japanese beauty product line has long been a favorite of mine. DHC costs more and is only available via mail, but I’m loyal.

What about you? What brands are you loyal to?

Susan Guillory

Susan Guillory is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, a content marketing firm based in San Diego. She’s written several business books, and frequently blogs about small business and marketing on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, and Cision. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

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