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Update on Dell’s Customer Advisory Panel

So when I attended DellCAP (that’s its Customer Advisory Panel, FYI) a few months ago, I said I believed they were listening to what we told them. One of my contacts from the event sent us an update today, which shows that they are indeed listening and working toward change. Iwanted to share it with you. Here’s what they sent:


We heard: Offended by up sell while trying to get support.

Dell: We’reincreasing audits of support agents and call monitoring to ensure agents are following guidelines for the initiative.

We heard: I would consider paying a premium for better built in support.

Dell: Your Tech Team (YTT) is a support option available.   YTT plans increased marketing to make support option advantages more widely known to customers.

We heard: Language and cultural barriers are difficult, agents do not show empathy.

Dell: Developing voice lab for agent communications skills.   Existing people/culture programs to focus on language and rapport building.

We heard: Support agents rely too much on scripts, stay on script.

Dell: Increased training will be included in the support culture training indicated above.

We heard: Too many dropped calls and unnecessary transfers.

Dell: Continued merge of service and support queue, reducing the amount of inner queue transfers.

We heard: Foreign support should use birth name not alias.

Dell: Foreign support agents currently using real names on calls and within social media outreach.

We heard: Dell should have a better relationship with Microsoft for dealing with support issues.

Dell:   Dell has dedicated product group resources who work directly with Microsoft, sharing top call driver in order to provide better solutions.

Brand / Corporate Responsibility

We heard:   Why didn’t we know that Dell is listening?

Dell:   We’ve increased on communications around our listening efforts. Also, our very own CAP Day Two attendee Susan Beebe now serves as one of Dell’s CLO’s (Chief Listening Officer) on the Social Media Ground Control team.

We heard:   Why don’t we hear more about the good work Dell is doing around the world?

Dell:   Dell has put a new Communications team together whose sole focus is to tell you about our Goodwill Reconnect and Bamboo Packaging programs that help our planet and communities around the world.

We heard: Stop selling and start educating.

Dell:   Soon we will be implementing new functionality on that will allow you to learn about products and services from people just like you.   That’s all we can say right now.   More to come on this as well.   J

We heard: Make it easier to find the system or accessories that will meet a specific set of needs.

Dell: The new Tag Team application on Facebook allows you to browse reviews and products by usage scenario in a tag cloud.

We heard: Excessive proactive chat pop-ups and technical issues.

Dell: These are now streamlined for each web session. Also, we uncovered technical issues in our online chat service when many customers reported they were not able to chat with us on Based on this feedback, Dell IT and our chat platform vendor were able to deploy a patch to fix this, and reports of customers unable to chat have virtually disappeared.

We heard: Providing website feedback is difficult.

Dell: We have redesigned the online feedback experience to make it more user-friendly for customers. The customer is notified and thanked when any errors are pointed out and fixed. The other actionable customer feedback is routed to the relevant team who acts and responds to the issue. We also archive all non-actionable feedback.

Color me impressed! I look forward to seeing these changes, and I’m honored to have provided feedback through the Customer Advisory Panel!

Susan Guillory

Susan Guillory is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, a content marketing firm based in San Diego. She’s written several business books, and frequently blogs about small business and marketing on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, and Cision. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

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