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The Working Dead: 4 Ways To Bring Life Back Into The Office

Nobody, not even the best of us, enjoys going to work. Everybody has their own little routines to help them prepare for the big work day ahead of them, but no matter what anyone does, it’s still the same old workplace they’re going to, to do the same jobs. Whether you have an amazing city view, or you’re decked out with a virtual office package, there’s only so much you can do before returning to the same old office becomes a chore.

For those days when your creative juices have run dry and you feel like you’re about to turn into a zombie in a suit, here are a few tips on how you could help bring life back into that old office!


Offices can get really boring, really quickly. If you’re staring at the same grey and white walls all day, 5 days a week, surely you’re going to start falling asleep in your surroundings. Take a moment to jazz up your area how you like, adding some colour or decorations, or even some photos of loved ones can really help make your area feel more comfortable and personal to you.

Try and get the management team on board with adding a little bit more colour and life to the office, perhaps by hanging up pictures of current employees at any work parties. A little can go a long way with decorating, and sometimes even the smallest change, such as a few plants, can really go a long way.


If you’re sitting at a desk all day doing paperwork, or having the same conversations over the phone, things can tend to get a bit monotonous and extremely boring. If you don’t want to have to start taping your eyelids open whilst sitting at your desk, try to add some music into the background of the office. A simple playlist or radio station that everybody can agree on can really help lift the mood and keep you going throughout the day. Music can also help aid in concentration, so you can always use that as a selling point if your boss is a musical naysayer.


As far as the setting of the office goes, only so much can be done to help that, but no amount of work will pay off if the vibes in the office are completely off. You’re more likely to improve your performance at work if you have a good friend there, so why not make friends with the whole office? If the workplace can communicate openly with each other in a comfortable and respectable way then the happy vibes off the workplace will flow through the walls and really shine through in its workers.

Communal Lunches

Try to get the office together once a week for a communal lunch, if everyone pitches in and brings some form of food it can be a great way to bond and be social with your workmates so you can all get to know each other without the pressure of work getting in the way.

You spend a large majority of your life at your place of work; it makes sense for it to be somewhere where you can feel alive and happy. Try teaming up with other employees to try and make positive changes around the place together. A little really can go a long way, reach out to your work mates and see how everyone else is feeling, and soon you’ll all be able to work together on bringing life back into that old office.

Author Bio:

Alexandra Richards is an Australian business consultant, located in Perth. She takes a keen interest in the business structures and work culture of Perth based businesses. She has recently been working with Servcorp to help deliver tailored solutions to local businesses. The services she is offering to local businesses can be found here:

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