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The Cornerstones And Parameters Of Social Media Marketing

The Cornerstones And Parameters Of Social Media Marketing

All the top businesses and brands that we come across today were unknown once. They all had to carry out social media marketing along with other online marketing strategies to become well-known in their field. Social media helps businesses with global market penetration, and brand awareness as well as manage customer relationships apart from providing other benefits.

Today most businesses have an official page on Twitter or Facebook to connect with people. Moreover, they even spend a small amount of money on different platforms that help to manage the social media sites ManageFlitter, Sprout Social, etc. Still, there are a few who believe in following the traditional way.

A recent study conducted by Hubspot on different social media marketing behavior states that today around 83% of marketers are making use of social media platforms to connect with potential leads. Around 66% of marketers simply get more leads by spending as less as 6 hours a week on social media platforms.

The marketers who used the platforms found that effective social media marketing helped them address the three main pain points of their business results in numbers, ease to use, and interactive commenting through posts.

To stress the importance of using social media for businesses, here we have come up with three important statistics.

  • Around 20 minutes are spent by Facebook users just browsing different things.
  • Twitter users tend to stick to a brand three times more than Facebook users.
  • On average, the Google Plus button is clicked 5 million times in a single day.

When done well, social media will help you to conquer the different complexities of marketing strategy and win the competition. So here I am with some actionable steps which will help you achieve social media marketing with complete satisfaction.

Understanding The Factors To Measure

The Cornerstones And Parameters Of Social Media Marketing

Every campaign is carried out for a purpose. So whatever you are doing on your social media page – adding positive reviews, product descriptions, or even updating new images, you need to make sure that your agenda for that particular campaign is fulfilled.

According to one of the social media marketing experts, you can differentiate the social media marketing campaigns into any of the below-mentioned groups.

  • The number of unique visitors from different social media channels where you had carried out campaigns will help you measure traffic.
  • The followers on social media channels will help you measure the following in the number of subscribers.
  • The comments and responses on social media pages will help you measure the interaction.
  • Social media posts help you get leads and the value of each lead will help you measure revenue.

The main reason why you opted for social media in the first place is to boost profits and get more revenue. In the beginning, you may be getting very fewer results or say nothing but, when things add up you will see a better picture.

If you want to focus on conversions and turn your visitors into subscribers, you need to offer decent interactions. For this, you need to have followers from the traffic you had generated.

Moreover, you need to stay patient apart from having knowledge of different metrics and basics.

Understanding Your Outlook And Best Time To Post

One of the important assets you have is your voice. Social media marketing techniques are composed of four important elements:

  • Persona
  • Language
  • Tone
  • Purpose

As a social media marketer, you have to come up with something that is different and yet effective from other competitors in the market.

Right social media efforts will lead people to buy your product or concept but, it happens at certain times. This can be because they want to purchase it at that moment or they are capable of buying it at that moment. So now the question arises is when you should highlight the need?

Suppose you are going to launch a product, you can make product teasers or hint posts a few weeks before the actual launch. Finally, you can come up with a serious post just a week before the launch. Focusing on different time zone can even help you plan the right strategy. You can come up with posts that can target different geographic zones based on your product market.

Hire A Social Media Manager

Does your business demand more time? Is there no time to attend to your social media pages? Then it would be better to hire a social media manager for the task. You need to hire a person who understands your business vision and can come up with effective online marketing campaigns.

It is not at all necessary to mention that the social media manager should be familiar with different visual content creation tools like Quotes Cover, Photo Grid, etc. As he/she is a writer at the core. The content should be SEO and content-marketing-friendly, should have the right visuals, and reach out to the right online users.

Moreover, it has to be taken care that the posts are not simply product-centric but, inspire the readers too. The social media manager should be socially accountable and this should be felt by the online viewers.

As a social media manager, you can go the extra mile by carrying out social media marketing campaigns in the areas where your competitors failed to reach.

For many online page managers, this step can seem to be so unnecessary as they feel that the products are amazing. But for online users, are not familiar with what you have to offer them and so building trust should be the priority. This can be done by offering them posts that are best in quality and addresses their pain points.

Social media marketing is a big thing and so you have to make use of the right strategies to connect with the larger audience out there. By adopting these three central concepts into your marketing campaigns, you will be able to carry out the right steps that can yield results in the most satisfying manner.

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