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The Big Link Visual Content And Social Media

The Big Link: Visual Content And Social Media

If you are not incorporating visuals into your content strategy, now is the time to start. Slowly but surely visuals are taking over and one of the main reasons why platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram have such a powerful influence in the B2C market.

It is important that your business is using professional imagery if you want to increase brand awareness and customer engagement. Not sure where to start? There are a number of ways your business can use visual content and social media, here’s where you can start.

The Social Media Breakdown

No matter what age or background your target market comes from, millennials love social media. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have restructured the design of their news feeds focussed on the needs of visual posts.

Did you know that photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than text-based posts? Written posts are becoming a thing of the past and it is important that you are using images to attract customers to what you have to say.

Millennials are snap-happy and take photos of almost everything. It is also becoming easier for consumers to take and share quality images using the camera on their smartphone. By cropping, filtering, and sharing you could be gaining hundreds of likes by adding your smartphone images to your social media posts.

Why Do Images Increase Social Media Engagement?

The Big Link Visual Content And Social Media

Marketers refer to Images as pieces of ‘snackable’ content. Snackable content is easier to understand and this encourages users to engage with it. Millennials are bombarded with information; do you think your posts stand out from the other 2,460,000 Facebook posts that are sent every minute?

The average internet user accesses five different social media platforms. This is an overwhelming amount of posts for anyone and due to the amount of information that we are seeing, millennials are becoming pros at filtering out information that they do not need.

Make sure that when you are creating your social media content plan, you are adding images that will inspire and inform your target audience. After all, the main purpose of creating visual images for social media is to attract the attention of your audience.

Inspire Your Target Audience

There are lots of ways you can inspire your social media followers. Make sure that the images and infographics you do share appeal to your target market. Like any marketing material you would send out, your social media posts should be a part of your brand’s identity. There are a number of ways you encourage users to engage:

  • Tell your business’ story through images of staff, products or services.
  • Share how-to guides
  • Design infographics for your users that love facts and figures
  • Motivational posts that show your users what your business is all about
  • Useful tips that your users can share with friends
  • Checklists are also great, why not ask our users for theirs too?

Promoting Your Business Using Social Media

Promoting your business through social media, if done right, can look completely natural. Social media is wonderful for brand awareness as it is the perfect place to show off what your business does. The imagery makes a business more trustworthy and believable – just think of review websites such as Trip Advisor.

Make sure that you are promoting your USP. This can be done through sharing exclusive photos of a new product, or discount codes for your followers to use on your eCommerce website.

Another way to create engagement Is to give your followers a behind the scene look into your business. If you are currently launching your business or a new product, social media can be used to reveal what’s next for your brand.

The main goal of social media is to turn your followers into customers, which is easier than it seems. Millennials love to share and engage, therefore, it is important that you are creating content that will stand out against the rest.

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