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The Benefits of Writing Guest Posts for Your Business

Previously I wrote about how to get more of your guest posts picked up.  So when Susan was nice enough to ask if I would like to write here again, I thought it would be appropriate to dive a little deeper into the subject of writing guest posts.


Why Should I be Writing Guest Posts in the First Place?

From an SEO perspective the reason is simple, you gain backlinks to your site.

A link is like a vote from one site to another, signaling that they trust (or endorse) the content, services and/or products on the site.  The idea behind Google’s thinking is, the more links you receive from trusted, high ranking sites, the more reputable you are.  This and many other factors play in where you rank in the search results.

However, the benefits of guest posting can be much greater for a business than just acquiring links.

The Benefits of Writing Guest Posts

New relationships

Again, we are going back to my previous post, but building relationships is critical to growing your business online.  Creating these new relationships with bloggers can open the door to more opportunities in the future.

  • If you provide good insightful content, your writing should speak for itself and make the outreach process easier in the future by simply sharing your work.

  • The more positive relationships you have, the more likely they will be to continue asking you back and/or sharing your work through social media.

  • Lastly, they can recommend you to their network of contacts.  Things always come easier when you have friends you can count on.

A Wider Reach

The goal of every guest post shouldn’t just be to gain a link or two, but to educate the reader, show your expertise, and hopefully build authority through your words.

This way, people can become more familiar with your name, trust your opinion and bring more relevant traffic back to your site.  The more you guest post, the bigger the opportunity becomes to get in front of a different audience and show why you should be a trusted source of information, much like speaking at a conference.

If All Goes Right, New Customers

The main goal of any guest posting campaign should be to bring more leads and potential customers to your site, just like any other advertising campaign would be, whether it’s a television commercial, billboard ad or promotional product.

This means you need to…

  • get in front of the right audience (please don’t just guest post on any blog that says yes)

  • write something useful (resource guides, lists, how to’s, case studies)

  • and if possible, link to other helpful products/resources on your site

CAUTION:  When linking back to your site within a post, make sure it is relevant to your post.  Blog owners typically don’t like flat out promotion, but if it’s actually helpful to the reader, they usually don’t mind.

Guest Posting Isn’t a Cure-All

Filling the web with useless guest posts on random sites across the web isn’t the solution to your online marketing problems. Most of your time should be spent on your own site on things like improving user experience, SEO, and providing great content to keep visitors coming back to your site.

However, targeting the right sites, making friends with the right people and delivering a strong message to a wider audience can definitely have benefits to your business.

Matt Powers is an Internet Marketer at Blue Soda Promo, an online promotional marketing company.  BSP imprints logos on anything you can imagine at ridiculously low prices.  We make your brand POP!

Susan Guillory

Susan Guillory is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, a content marketing firm based in San Diego. She’s written several business books, and frequently blogs about small business and marketing on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, and Cision. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

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