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6 Apps That Make Starting Your Business Easier Than Ever

Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy task but with today’s technology, starting your business is a very real option for anyone, at any stage of their career. The internet is chock-full of useful advice for industry professionals, best practices from top research firms and incredibly useful tools that simplify running and sustaining a business.

With so much available with just a few clicks, let’s look at six apps you need to make starting your business easier than ever.


One of the first things you’ll learn when you’re starting your business is that there are no business hours. Luckily there’s eSign from Adobe which allows you to sign contracts, disclosures, or any document right from your mobile phone. You can even forward documents that require more than one signature and track its progress so you know who to call to keep your startup moving forward.

9 Reasons You Should Never, Ever Start a Business

There’s a lot of content out there telling you to go forth! Start a business! but the truth is, not everyone should start a business. If more of the 80 percent of small businesses that fail had but hesitated and considered why they were getting into business, we’d probably have fewer businesses and more successes in those that did exist. If any of these reasons ring true, you do not need to become an entrepreneur:

9 Reasons You Should Never, Ever Start a Business

1. You’re Running Away from Something

Let me guess: you hate your job, and know you could do a much better job than your boss running a company like this. Or you’re not doing well in your performance reviews, but you assume it’s everyone else’s fault but yours. The idea of starting a business is heaven: you’d call the shots, and you could get away from whatever is plaguing you. Not a good reason. You need to run toward entrepreneurship if you want to succeed. Otherwise, you’re just hiding from your problems and creating more, since your reasons for starting a business are shaky at best.

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