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Merge Social Media with Direct Mail for an Effective Marketing Strategy

Direct marketing and social media are often seen as two separate and very distinct promotional options. In spite of crystal-clear differences used to grab customer attention, it’s possible for them to be combined into a killer marketing strategy too. You just have to know how to use them both to create the most potent multichannel marketing tactic for your business. Direct mail campaigns can easily be linked to social media using simple methods to help build a bridge between client and brand.

Multichannel promotional strategies come with fundamental perks for both the client and the company since marketers have all the experience required to work across all kinds of marketing channels.

Merge Social Media with Direct Mail for an Effective Marketing Strategy

Know the ins and outs of your channel

Before starting a social media and direct mail marketing campaign, you have to know everything about the benefits of each channel. This way you’ll avoid confusion and you’ll quickly assess what works for your campaign and what doesn’t. Learn about direct mail marketing and social media separately, and treat these two as individual mediums. For example, social media is an excellent platform you can use to create a buzz, build a community of customers and share news.

Direct mail marketing, on the other hand, is a strategy that delivers your message directly to the client. That message is tangible, and it usually comes under the form of a letter, postcard, or catalog. Both tactics are useful, and can provide great returns on your investment; however, it is important to understand that they’re different and that they need to be used differently too.

Pay close attention to the demands of your customers

Social media marketing can’t thrive if it keeps interrupting people while direct mail marketing works pretty well when the ad or promotion is sent directly to the client. As a devoted business owner, you have to make sure that your marketing team uses social media in a productive way. Their job is to develop a community around your brand, but without forcing people to accept you, your business or what you’re selling.

Everything has to go smoothly and naturally. It’s ok to invite people to like your Facebook page for example, but it’s not a very good idea to start sending them private messages and invite them to like every article that you post. Instead, you can focus on building quality content. Post that content on your Facebook page. The more enticing and catchy your words are the better chances you have to get people to read your content and share it on their timeline for others to see as well.

Mail pieces should have hashtags and sign-up options online

This marketing strategy is particularly aimed at direct mail marketing. Your cross-channel message has to sound simple and natural. Clients are familiar with hashtags; in fact, hashtags are incredibly popular. If yours is something that grabs attention, then they’ll definitely use Twitter or Facebook to know more about it. The exact same thing goes for social media. It’s certainly a good idea to provide a link to a mail list sign up on your profile, for people to contact you in case they want to know more.

Consistent content

Many companies strive to make themselves known across the internet. They have strong branding and they have total confidence that their marketing strategies will grab attention. In order to make sure that your business sees great returns, you have to keep your strategies similar. When you’re advertising, it’s very important to keep things simple. Don’t create confusion by sending different messages, designs or promotions. The more consistent you are the better chances you have to become memorable.

Merging social media with direct mail marketing can render a lot of benefits. We live in an era of advanced online technology, where companies are struggling to get ahead of their competitors. That can be tough to achieve when everyone’s businesses operate on the web, where others can get inspired and even copy their branding strategy. And yet that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. You can, provided that you abide by a set of rules. Never ever copy the tactic of another company, and be consistent. Daily posts, email, and direct mail are fundamental if you want to stay on the floating line.

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Christopher Austin is the writer to this article. He is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business related topics. Also, he recommends Romax to get various direct marketing services. You can find him on Twitter.

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