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Marketing With A Focus On Qualified Leads And Quality Content

Marketing With A Focus On Qualified Leads And Quality Content

In the world of digital marketing, the goal is almost always attracting quality traffic, which in turn should hopefully convert into sales, newsletter subscriptions, app downloads, or some other desirable action.

There’s been written several good posts on the topic already here on eggmarketingpr, so I’ll link to those when applicable, and take a slightly different route than the other posts on the site do.

The entire reason we’re concerned with qualified leads is order to attract the right type of traffic, compared to just any type of traffic, seeing as how 100 qualified leads will almost always outperform 1000 or more unqualified leads.

With that said, let’s look at practical ways we can achieve this.

Paid Advertising

If your business is using paid advertising, it’s important to make sure that the advertisements are attracting the right type of visitors, obviously to cut down on costs for irrelevant clicks and visits. Consider using prices on advertisements, a price range can do just fine if that’s more applicable to your specific ad, as long as people can see a ballpark estimate of how much the service or product will cost them before they click on the ad.

If using AdWords, take special notice of the Quality Scores, spending time improving these can go a long way in terms of obtaining the right type of clicks, even if it’s not directly related to quality leads in and by itself.

Use as many metrics as possible to ensure your target demographic is reached, and not a single person besides that. That sometimes means cutting away a few quality leads as well, to get rid of a bunch of irrelevant ones.

For instance, if you’re targeting business executives, sure there are some CEOs in the age group of 18-25, but mainly this age group will be less attractive for your business than people aged 35-45. Facebook is arguably better than AdWords at getting really specific in user targeting and is a great and often cheaper way to start out a marketing campaign using paid ads.

Organic Search Traffic

Marketing With A Focus On Qualified Leads And Quality Content

This sort of lead generation is among the most effective out there, as users searching for your target keywords are likely to have a specific need for that product, service, or application you offer.

Similar to paid advertising, organic search traffic comes from users searching for a set of keywords or phrases, and if your website offers a piece of quality content relating to that topic, your website might just be shown on the various search engine results.

Of course, it’s not just as easy as identifying 10 well-performing keywords, and creating the relevant pages with content and phrases, unless your keywords are truly unique, in which case you might do without a targeted SEO campaign.

Ranking highly in Google, Bing and other search engines is the #1 priority for many business owners out there, and so it’s a competitive field in most areas of business around the world which will require time, resources, and effort to perform well.

The good thing is that Google’s been championing quality content over quantity, meaning that a few well-written pieces of content in theory should outperform a large-scale low-quality effort.

So consider your best keywords, write detailed, instructive, and above all, worthwhile content, and then shift your efforts into sharing that content, obtaining backlinks to it, and syndicating it around the web.

For as much as quality matters, so do backlinks. Google has experimented with removing backlinks as a ranking signal but quickly turned it back on, seeing as how the controversial measurement factor seemed to work better than most thought.

That means business owners will have to either spend time learning SEO themselves or spend money on an SEO campaign. My personal recommendation is that most business owners would stand to gain from learning a bit about SEO in general, and some people could even dive relatively deep into the subject, especially if they’re not already busy with managing customers, shipping orders, and other day-to-day management.

Quality Leads

Regardless of how the traffic is obtained, paid, organic, or shared, it’s important to keep the content aligned with your overall actionable targets. This means that designing content to help educate and convince readers that your product is right for them is vital in generating quality leads.

Most people searching for a particular product or service are already keen on the idea as a whole, they just need that last bit of convincing, which is where your content comes into play. Writing content focused on helping readers understand the underlying values of your product or service can go a long way in selling that. Just keep in mind that today’s readers are skeptical of anything smelling of obvious marketing jargon, so keep it real and practical.

This matters, since most people these days are not afraid of doing their own research online, often comparing your business to your competitors on price, options, and other metrics, meaning that the average visitor is well informed already, and so they’re often looking for concrete reasons to buy into that product or service.

By carefully going over the top 5 or 10 competitors in your chosen niche, you can identify which pain points other companies are solving, and which they are neglecting. Ideally, you would solve all of those problems, and then some – but if not, work on the things that matter the most, and work down the list from there.

Competitor research can be one of the most beneficial aspects of generating quality leads, especially if your own business is not already a market leader, and thus have many things to improve upon.


Paid advertising can be beneficial in terms of ROI, but it’s necessary to cut down on irrelevant visitors, by optimizing campaigns, keywords, and demographics to exclude as many unqualified leads as possible.

Organic search traffic is arguably an even better converter than paid ads, although it often takes months before starting to see results, and requires a significant investment in terms of money and time.

Quality leads are important, and writing content that caters to your optimal customer personality can be a key factor in obtaining these leads, especially in combination with paid and organic traffic generation.

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