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Improving Customer Service through Social Channels [Infographic]

Nearly all brands whether big or small are active on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels. However, most brands do not have a dedicated customer service handle on their various social media channels. Having a dedicated handle that is strictly for customer service has shown to improve response time while also de-cluttering the main brand page.  West Interactive recommends improving customer service through social channels.

Improving Customer Service through Social Channels [Infographic]


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  1. Great infographic! Nowadays, customer service isn’t just done personally (in stores), on phones and/or emails. Since social media can be considered the go-to place of consumers today, it’s just right to use it for customer acquisition and retention through excellent customer support. There’s actually a debate going now whether Facebook or Twitter works best for this, see our article for an answer: Let me know what you think!

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