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How a Virtual Assistant can Help you do Marketing Better

Marketing is one of the most important functions of a business because it is tasked to bring in revenue. But it is not simply a matter of hawking a product or service to a group of people. Marketing requires strategy, purpose and most of all time. Time a commodity which most entrepreneurs scarcely have. Not only can a Virtual Assistant help you do marketing better; she will make sure you do marketing period!

Virtual assistants are no longer limited to secretarial work or personal assistant services. The Virtual Assistant has evolved into a more dynamic position with more specialized skill sets. Whereas before virtual assistants were defined as people contracted to manage services online, nowadays you can find a Virtual Assistant for virtually any kind of skill or position.

One of the most in-demand skills for the new age Virtual Assistant is marketing.

How a Virtual Assistant can Help you do Marketing Better

The evolution of digital technology and the growth of the Internet have brought forth a new approach to marketing which has all the benefits but none of the pitfalls of traditional marketing. This type of marketing harnesses the power of technology and the influence of the Internet. It is non- intrusive and works to address issues the concern its target market.

And yes, it utilizes target marketing.

This type of marketing is called digital marketing. It involves many concepts, tactics and techniques that all work to generate inbound traffic for the business.

Most people think digital marketing is simply social media marketing or putting up online advertisements. Social media marketing and online ads are just among the tools used by digital marketing. On their own they are hardly effective. But together, in close collaboration with other online marketing techniques, they would contribute significantly to your business’ success.

Here are a few reasons why a Virtual Assistant can help you do marketing better:

#1. Experience

You can find many candidates in the virtual assistance industry with experience in digital marketing and traditional marketing.

Some started out in the field of traditional marketing and transitioned to digital marketing once the concept because popular and in- demand. They have the experience of conceptualizing and managing campaigns.

Along the way, they have also amassed connections of people who can render the best work in the different stages of marketing. These include the following:

  • Website design
  • Website programming
  • SEO
  • Content writing
  • Graphics design
  • Social media marketing

Many virtual assistants specialize in one of these skills and delegate the rest of the work to the team. But she has the experience of managing the team and making sure everyone delivers on the campaign.

#2. Time

As mentioned for marketing to be effective, you have to invest time on it. For example, social media marketing is not just about posting content, commenting and sharing.

You need to be consistent and frequent in all the required activities. Social media marketing works by enhancing your online presence. This can only be achieved by remaining active and by maintaining a schedule.

Writing great content is a must for inbound marketing. But it takes time and effort to craft great content. With so many things to do in a day, entrepreneurs may not have enough time in a day to sit in front of a computer and transpose ideas into marketing format.

A Virtual Assistant can be designated to run and oversee the marketing campaign so you can focus on the core business of your enterprise.

#3. Expertise

Many virtual assistants also have the expertise to conduct and manage the different areas of marketing. You can find virtual assistants with the training, certification and experience to provide digital marketing services.

Most are well- educated, are college degree holders and are highly proficient in written and spoken English. You may come across a Virtual Assistant who has done content marketing before. She knows how to create the most engaging blogs that would bring more people to your website.

#4. Strategy Design

You can also hire a Virtual Assistant who has previous experience in crafting digital marketing design.

Popularly referred to as the “Creative Brief”, it is important to have a blueprint of your digital marketing campaign. You avoid the guesswork and have a reference point for all questions and concerns.

Preparing the Creative Brief can be complicated and time- consuming. You have to study industry trends, highlights, market demographics, level of site engagement, costs, timetables and the Buyer Persona among others.

The Creative Brief must also be flexible and adaptable to changes in market conditions. In ways, the Creative Brief functions as the Business Plan for marketing.

#5. Implementation

The most important part of your marketing campaign it is implementation. This is where you will see if the assumptions and projections detailed in the Creative Brief are closer in approximation to actual performance.

A Virtual Assistant with the seasoned expertise of an experienced Digital Marketer can identify potential trouble spots before these can take place. She can make the necessary adjustments and revisions to the campaign without affecting the timetable.

If problems persist, the Virtual Assistant can advise you on what to do or what the best options are. Having a Virtual Assistant on- board your marketing program can help you stay on-course despite the existence of potential problems on the horizon.

#6. Analytics

The biggest differentiator between digital marketing and traditional marketing is the availability of real- time analytics.

With analytics, you can have an in-depth view of your performance. You can see the areas where your strategies are falling short. You will have ready information on your subscribers or potential market.

You will know where they came from and which type of technological gadget they used to access your site.

There are virtual assistants who are highly proficient in analytics. She can make recommendations based on her interpretation of the analytics which are up you to reject or accept.

With a Virtual Assistant, you will be able to get your marketing and promotional campaign off the ground without compromising the time allocated for business. There will be no more excuses on why a marketing campaign has not been implemented!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant saves you money and improves the level of productivity of your business.

Felix is a virtual assistant from He loves to write about businesses, outsourcing and entrepreneurship. You can connect with him on Twitter.

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