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Melting the Cold Call

If you’re like me, the phrase cold call sends chills down your spine. There’s nothing scarier than the thought of having to call a complete stranger to try to sell my wares. But there are ways that you can be better at this skill. Read on.

From GrowthUniversity: Melting the Cold Call

1. Acknowledge Your Fears of the Cold Call

If you weren’t afraid of the cold call, you wouldn’t be reading this. So embrace it. Identify what exactly you fear will happen. Is it that you might irritate or enrage the person on the other end? That they might reject you? Determining the worst possible scenario can help you embrace your fears and move on.

2. Build Your Philosophy

Set your goal for the call. It most likely won’t be getting the person you’re calling to hand over their credit card details, so maybe it’s setting up an appointment, or getting them to register on your website. Make it a simple and easy goal. The big sell can come later.

You also have to have the attitude that the worst thing that can happen is the person tells you no. That’s not the end of the world, is it? Prepare what you’ll say to exit the call gracefully in that case.

3. Practice What You’ll Say

It may seem stilted to practice your dialogue over and over, but it can actually help you feel more confident after you’ve gone through different scenarios. Avoid sounding like you’re reading from a script. Keep it natural.

This is from Susan Payton’s post on GrowthUniversity

Susan Guillory

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