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Experiment Now To Improve Your Marketing

Experiment Now To Improve Your Marketing

With 2015 half gone, you can continue your annual plan to improve your marketing by looking for ways to experiment. New technologies, services, and strategies are popping up every day, and now is the perfect time to do a little research and dip your toe into new pools.

Asking a junior member of your team to do some research and manage the experiment not only frees your time but also improves your professional development and skills. So let’s look at some ways you can experiment with your marketing this month.

Like any good experiment, you must start with a hypothesis. So look at your marketing and identify something you want to improve or a trend you see. Then, create a hypothesis and design an experiment so you can get the best outcome for your business.

Experiment With Personas

Personas can be extremely powerful and effective ways to market to your audience. More than segments, personas group your audience by behaviors and allow you to speak their language, on the channels they use, offering the value they need from your product or service. Putting together a plan can be simple, but be sure you inform your marketing and sale teams what you’re experimenting with and why, so you can remain consistent outside of the experiment.

Experiment With Your Website

Experiment Now to Improve Your Marketing

You’re likely always experimenting with your website but something you might have overlooked is reducing 404 errors. Look at your analytics to see how people arrived at the page and test a few strategies designed to reduce this error and improve your bounce rates. Now might also be a good time to experiment with new landing pages or improve them to help improve SEO.

Experiment with New Email Marketing Strategies

If you’re not sure where to begin, ask your email marketing team to devise a few hypotheses to test this month. Think of something like sending a 15% discount will increase sales by 25%. Or consider experimenting with new trigger campaigns like, sending an email about your new Shiraz to people who purchased a dark chocolate sorbet in the last two weeks will increase sales of both by 50%.

Experiment With Better Store Signage

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, signage can be an effective way to pull in traffic from the street. This month, look for ways to use store signage more effectively. You may want to experiment with something like using QR codes on signage facing street traffic will improve online sales by 5%. Or look for ways to experiment with a color theory like, printing prices in blue will improve sales by 10%.

Experiment With What You’ve Learned

Last month we suggested you look for ways to go to summer school and learn new marketing skills. Put this newly acquired knowledge to work by devising your own marketing experiments and becoming your own subject matter expert.

While you’re likely always experimenting with your marketing, take the time this month to answer some questions that can lead to better performance and improve the return on your marketing.

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