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Endless Encores Not Your Typical Business Book

Endless Encores: Not Your Typical Business Book

I’ve read a lot of business books over the years, and to be honest, most sound the same. This is what you’re doing wrong. Do this for guaranteed success. And yet, these types of books leave me feeling hollow.

Recently I was sent a copy of Endless Encores: Repeating Success Through People, Products, and Profits, by Ken Goldstein. The book is really short (bonus) and touted itself as a business parable, so I was intrigued.

The book is written like a story, which is rather unusual in the business genre. It’s the tale of a man, Paul, who meets an older, successful woman named Daphne in an airport bar. Sound like the start of a romance novel? It’s not. Instead, Daphne imparts her business acumen to him as they talk about both of their businesses as well as their personal lives.

At the end of each chapter are “Paul’s Notes,” which will save you the time of having to take notes while you read the book. In them, you’ll find nuggets of wisdom like:

Offer customers more than what they think they want.
Hire for Character, Competency, and Compatibility.
A business model is not an afterthought.

In reading the engaging story, you become Paul and learn from Daphne’s years of experience and wisdom. It’s a great read while you’re waiting for your own plane at the airport, or any time you want a little advice about how to grow your business, hire the right people, and make more money.

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