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Creating Your Perfect YouTube Marketing Channel

Creating Your Perfect YouTube Marketing Channel

The power of video marketing, with images and sound coming together on screens, can not be denied. It was incredibly successful on TV (oh, really? Tell me more, wise writer), and now you can expand to YouTube. You have to be careful to use YouTube approved concepts for video marketing. Recycling your old TV ads is not a good option.

This article is going to look at three important aspects of any YouTube marketing plan:

  1. Creating content that appeals to Youtube users.
  2. Choosing an overall style of video presentation.
  3. Working on the behind-the-scenes digital details.

Every successful video marketing plan online has looked at these three aspects. Start out by nailing down how you’ll approach them and you just may be the next viral hit with a sustainable subscriber base.

Creating Content For A YouTube Audience

TV advertising is all about having the maximum impact in the smallest amount of time. Jamming the company logo, and the latest product, right in front of the camera was the norm. This is not what YouTube is about at all.

Youtube is all about building an audience. You have a chance to, essentially, create your own online TV channel. Are people going to tune into your commercials? Unless you’re showing classic Michael Jordan commercials, because we all still want to be like billionaire Mike, the answer is no.

I’m going to explain three styles of videos that actually work on YouTube; Entertaining, Informative, and ‘How To.’ I’ll show how your brand can fit into these three styles by showing actual examples from brands.

Entertaining Style Youtube Marketing Channels

Creating Your Perfect YouTube Marketing Channel

I’m covering one of the most powerful video styles first; the entertaining videos rule. They’re the ones most likely to go viral, they’re the ones most likely to be watched over and over (hammering home your brand story), and they’re the ones most likely to earn you subscribers who come back.

They’re also the most difficult ones to master and frequently have high production values. It’s a high-risk/high-reward style. A little planning, having the right team and knowing what YouTubers find entertaining can go a long way.

Successful examples of entertaining Youtube videos can be found coming from:

I’m going to focus on Old Spice due to its incredible success. Old Spice’s entertainment secret is its ability to create funny, relatable, and engaging branded characters. These are spokespeople, with a twist. A very funny and entertaining twist.

They have four main characters: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, Terry Crews, the Dummy, and the Nature Man. Each one has a specific product they’re associated with, and each one has its own feel.

You can duplicate Old Spice’s success by creating characters of your own. You may not have the same budget they have, but you don’t need it. You just need to be this ridiculously funny:

Informative Style YouTube Marketing Channels

Informative Youtube marketing channels are not that common, but they can work very well. They work best with those who have products that are interesting on their own, and they are presented in an entertaining manner with an emphasis on the product features. They’re like a commercial, but with Fun.

A good example would be Mattel. They have fun products, and toys and they show their fans the newest releases. They frequently get their own designers to actually talk about the toy:

These videos are cheap to make, people enjoy learning about something that’s already fun, and they work to an extent. You’ll rarely go viral, but you will build a very interested and relevant audience.

‘How To Style YouTube Marketing Channels

May the DIYing commence! People love to find out how to build new household items, how to wear new clothes, and how to use products to make their life easier. You’ll find them most often in the hardware industry, but landscaping and gardening companies will also get in on the action.

Lowe’s Home Improvement’s entire channel is a perfect example of the ‘How To’ style of video:

Pretty dry, right? Well, the people watching this aren’t looking for flashy graphics and a zany host. They want the facts. These videos are great for long-term success as people will always want to learn about common topics in the industry.

Having direct ties to your products will increase brand loyalty and sales. This may seem like a boring way to go, but the long-term impact of coming together with direct product placement can not be beaten.

The Digital Details Of Your YouTube Marketing Channel

Everything written above is about what you’re going to film. We all know that success in any online marketing venture, and especially YouTube, takes some digital know-how in regard to optimization.

SEO: This will depend on the style of video you are presenting as some will rely more on social media spreading them (entertaining), and others will be best with a long-term keyword-focused plan (How To). What you want to do before you even shoot the video is have a keyword or phrase, that will be linked to the content of the video.

You will place it in the title, description, and tags. See our complete YouTube SEO plan for even more insight into this important aspect of your video marketing.

Thumbnails: Once people find you through SEO you need a thumbnail that is going to make them choose your video. Add text to give them more information, create something custom with flare, and never, ever, go with the stock thumbnail YouTube gives you. Smosh kills it with their highly custom thumbnails. Learn more about creating custom thumbnails here.

Creating playlists: Who wants to watch one video, then go searching for another when you can have a bunch lined up? Creating playlists in advance is how you can keep people watching your branded content, and engaging in your brand story. Create them around central themes/ideas, or group them by a timeframe, to make them useful to viewers. Pepsi has some great playlists to look at as examples.

Branding: After all this work, you want to be certain that viewers remember your brand. Be sure to use your logo in the profile image you display, in your homepage’s header image, and in the thumbnails you create. Working them into videos is also a good idea, but don’t spend too much time focusing on it or it will turn into a commercial. Gatorade usually gets it right on their channel. Plus, I still want to be like Mike.

Starting A Successful YouTube Marketing Channel

The major points from the beginning of the article, about working on your style, are some of the first thoughts you should put into your YouTube channel. These basic ideas will form the content to come, and help you get the finer details right.

You may stumble a few times at first as you try to hit your stride; Watch some old videos from marketers to see that sad point in action. With the right planning in place ahead of time, your video marketing on YouTube will have a much better chance of finding its audience and finding your customers.

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