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Creating Compelling Webinar Content

Creating Compelling Webinar Content

Have you been inundated with webinar invites lately? Me too! Every week, my inbox receives about three invitations every week to various webinars.


I think many organizations are discovering what many of us have known for a while; that a webinar is an inexpensive lead-generating tool that can have a significant ROI when done right.

What do I mean, by “done right?”

Like all content marketing, a webinar done right is spending most of your time promoting great content rather than creating it.

Luckily, creating great content for a webinar is as easy as looking at what you already have. Below are a few existing sources for creating compelling webinar content. Sources I turn to these whenever a client wants to host a webinar. Tell me your favorite webinar creation tips in the comments below.

The Tribe Has Spoken

Creating Compelling Webinar Content

Chances are you know which pieces of content are most popular. If you’ve been at it for a while, you know which topics your audience wants more of. Both are excellent starting points for the subject of your next webinar. Not sure? Look at your Google Analytics, most shared blog posts, and newsletter open rates. Chances are, you’ll find a handful of topics that get a lot of attention from your primary audience.

Note on choosing a topic

Webinars are not sales presentations. You will lose the trust of your audience if you use the platform to hock your wares. Instead, use a webinar as an opportunity to show why your way of solving a particular problem is better than the alternatives, not why your company is better than the competition.

Tell A Story With Existing Content

Situation. Action. Results. The foundations of basic storytelling. And that’s what you should aim to do in your webinar; tell a story.

  • Situation: What’s the 30,000-foot situation of the topic you chose? Trends, new technologies, paradigm shifts, etc. should already be in your sales and investor decks, especially if you’re a B2B small business. If you did a whitepaper on this topic, you’ll have this information in there too.
  • Action: What are the available responses that can be taken around this situation? What are the pros and cons of each? Think Porter’s substitutes (not competitors). Again, this should already be in an investor deck, whitepaper, or blog post analyzing why your approach to a particular problem is better than the alternatives.
  • Results: What can be achieved by choosing a particular action, or lost by not choosing the right one? You have this story in your case studies, customer testimonials, and in your marketing materials. While this is where you can bring in examples from your company, it isn’t a gateway to launch into a sales pitch. Just explain the reasons why customers should choose your way to solve their needs with objective data.

By using what you already have and arranging it in a story, you’ll easily create compelling content for your webinar. Tell me your favorite webinar creation tips in the comments below.

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