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Choosing the Right Influencer for Your Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

Have you ever seen popular figures on social media reach out to their followers about a new product or service that they enjoy? Whether these endorsements are natural or part of an advertising agreement, the results can be more effective than many other types of marketing. Think of it like an amped-up version of word-of-mouth advertising — as an example of this type of publicity. Just imagine how awesome it must be for authors to have their works featured on Oprah’s Book Club! Indeed, content promoted at the Oprah level is practically guaranteed to succeed.

Even if this degree of influence is beyond your reach (or inapplicable to your industry), there are plenty of other ways to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Before you reach out to a person who seems appropriate for your business, you must focus on choosing the right influencer. Consider which type of influencer is right for you, whether working with a smaller or larger influencer is best for your goals and exactly how viable this type of relationship will be for you. Choosing the right influencer will directly impact your campaign’s success. As the individual you work with will likely be in the same industry, you might even consider promoting each other’s content mutually to achieve the best possible results.

Either way, you’ll need to do your due diligence to ensure this content strategy is the best approach for your business. Download this white paper from CopyPress and Intellifluence for information on how to choose and gauge the perfect influencers for your marketing efforts as well as a few red flags indicating that it’s time to move on from an influencer relationship.

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