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6 Kinds Of Visual Content You Should Use In Your Marketing Campaigns

6 Kinds Of Visual Content You Should Use In Your Marketing Campaigns

Almost all of the information our brain processes comes from images. It’s no surprise that visual content is more successful than ever in marketing. This is because it’s far easier to passively scroll past a wall of text than it is when a visual catches your eye. Visuals will draw in not only the people to who you intended to market but other potential customers who happen to stumble upon them.

Using visuals to keep your readers and target market engaged is a wildly effective tactic with benefits you can’t afford to toss aside.

#1. Instagram Photos

The popularity of Instagram is astounding. It works as a quick fix, allowing its users to gain information at first glance by looking at a photo. If someone on your team is a photographer by hobby, this is where you should let their talents shine. Showing funny or memorable photographs of your staff, the progress of your current projects or images that showcase your product or service in an appealing way are all good ways to start.

Because Instagram is a social network, you’ll be able to tie in visuals with a memorable presence that will provide your target audience with a deeper sense of brand familiarity.

#2. Memes

Networks like Facebook and Tumblr are overrun with memes, and that’s because people enjoy them. Making or sharing memes that are relevant to your niche is a friendly and light-hearted way to connect. Perhaps the best benefit to marketing with memes is that memes tend to spread like wildfire among individuals who see the humor in them, so getting involved in the long-running meme trend can easily turn into a viral marketing aid for you.

#3. Videos

6 Kinds Of Visual Content You Should Use In Your Marketing Campaigns

Videos can be much easier received when you’re attempting to relay content, because they make your audience’s life easier. They don’t have to read and concentrate on that information nearly as intently if it’s being presented to them by someone else. Videos will also send the message that you care about your customers, who will realize that videos were a more labor-intensive step you took to engage them.

Even if the video reads more like a fun and interesting slideshow, to many people, it will take precedence over the standard, run-of-the-mill blocks of text that others offer.

#4. Infographics

Not many people see the beauty of raw data in its truest form. Many will find data cumbersome to read and interpret. Colorful bar graphs or pie charts simplify the interpretation for the viewer by providing them with numbers and statistics as an easy-to-read image.

Taking design as an important factor is crucial, as an infographic that is plain and difficult to decode may have the opposite of your intended result. If your infographic is stamped with your brand name but applies to anyone involved in your niche, bloggers or other relevant individuals may share the infographic with their readership, which can then link them back to you.

#5. Customer Images

Sharing images of your customers and how they utilize your product or service speaks volumes about your worth. It will give your audience something to connect to, as well as a better understanding of how what you do will relate to their lifestyle. Creating a visual link between your brand and their lives will foster a stronger connection, and it will also show your customers that you appreciate them.

#6. Comics

Where memes are funny and hip, comics are a direct testament to your sense of humor. While a serious comic can be created to show a series of events that occur behind the closed doors of your brand, casually incorporating successful elements of humor creates content that is more enjoyable.

Comics can be used to simplify stories or announcements that would require a greater amount of textual retelling without visual support. At the end of the day, everyone prefers things that are simple and go right to the point.

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