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6 Best Tools for Successful Facebook Marketing

Social media is one of the largest marketing and advertisement tools currently in use. Not only does it expose your business to millions of people around the world, but also gives you an opportunity to interact with your customer at a personalized level. In recent years Facebook has become a major advertisement platform. It has one of the largest numbers of users in the world and thus a very broad reach. However, posting something about your business or brand does not necessarily mean that you have nailed it at advertising. It requires strategy and proper execution to ensure that you reap the full benefits of investing in successful Facebook marketing. That said, there have been several tools that can be manipulated to offer you the best results from advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms.

6 Best Tools for Successful Facebook Marketing

1. Hootsuite

There is no point in posting something on your page if nobody is going to look at it. You need to determine the period when your fans and potential clients are online. Ascertain the times when your posts receive the most engagement. Hootsuite is one management system that can assist you in pushing your content by enabling you to engage with followers and publish new content. It also gives analytics reports that help you track engagement on your social media page.

You can also review past activity trends. It uses filters that monitor the interactions of followers who are situated in a particular location, enabling you to create content for them. It comes with scheduling tools that provide you with information on which times are the best for you to post new content. It has publishing tools that allow the company to moderate on the content that is published on social media. The Cheese & Burger society, for instance, focuses on starting conversations on its pages that are related to its brand but are not completely centered on its business. This is a platform that would enable it to schedule its posts depending on trends and traffic to the site.

2. Buffer

This platform lets you manage your social media accounts from a centralized point. It is one of the simplest platforms to use and particularly effective for small businesses. With this tool, you will be able to schedule and create your Facebook posts. It also notifies you of the best time all through the day, which you can publish updates or posts. It has the functionality of allowing you to upload videos through their sister app known as Pablo.

This powerful graphics editor ensures that the images that you upload onto Facebook are of high quality. It has a browser extension, Android and IOS apps that allow you to operate it from wherever you are and add content to a sharing queue. Buffer is not too expensive either. Its premium plans start at $10 per month. Banez Insurance Agency could benefit greatly from this tool as it relies heavily on videos and photo strips to emphasize on their content.

3. Agora Pulse

This social media management platform allows its users to view fan interactions and data on the flow of traffic. It collects data from your feeds and compiles them into a daily comprehensive report. It has automatic filters that keep track of incoming interactions and notifies you of any new interactions. Agora Pulse has a moderation system that automatically allows you to customize rules about the information your fan base posts on the site. This feature enables you to keep your Facebook page reputable.

Furthermore, it has publishing features that will allow you to schedule your posts for a variety of social media platforms from a single dashboard. It has a tracking system for your successful Facebook marketing shares and mentions. This platform also offers features that create contests and other interactive campaigns for your pages. These include fan vote, personality tests, sweepstakes, quizzes, and coupons. Zappos is one of the companies using weekly fan contests to increase engagement on their pages and this tool would come in handy for them. Lastly, it has a comprehensive analytics system report that will enable you to identify areas that you need to improve on and the current successes.

4. DrumUp

Getting the appropriate content for your site can be a daunting task. However, with DrumUp, it becomes much easier. This tool scavenges through the internet to find engaging stories, which are suitable for your audience. By providing the relevant keywords, it finds articles that are related to these keywords, queues them and schedules when it is the most appropriate time for them to be posted. You can customize the post and edit it to suit your needs.

Alternatively, you can create your unique posts and DrumUp will schedule and manage when the posts will appear on your page. For example, American Express is one company that requires a lot of content on its pages and this platform provides data that helps it have engaging and relevant content. DrumUp will also give you recommendations on your general social media strategy while providing information on how you can market yourself more actively. DrumUp provides hashtag recommendations that will maximize the number of viewers visiting your pages. What is more is that it has extensions that can help you manage your accounts everywhere: Chrome extension, Android, and IOS apps.

5. Likealyzer

It is important to know the overall performance of your website and identify the areas in which you can improve. Likealyzer is just the tool you need. When you put in the uniform resource locator (URL) for your Facebook page, it provides you with data that analyzes the activity on the page. It will furnish you with details such as the number of posts put up in a day, the average number of comments, shares and likes, the average length of your posts and whether your posts are timed efficiently.

Moreover, it provides recommendations on how to improve on things like layout. It will also identify the kind of activity that is on your page. It tracks the engagement statistics and helps you know the rate at which the views on your site are growing. In addition to all the benefits listed above, it is free. Red Bull advertises mainly by a call to action and this tool can enable them to identify the more persuasive rallying to boost its shares end likes.

6. Socialbakers

This is one of the best social analytics apps around. It is compatible with almost any social media app. It offers you the functionality of comparing your performance against that of the competition. It keeps track of industry trends and measures your performance against it. It periodically evaluates your brand and gives you a detailed report on how you are faring in the market and specific recommendations that can improve the position of your business. It is one of the best tools out there to gauge your overall performance based on your specific goals. For example,, which is a platform for professional writers, benefits immensely from this tool as it keeps it abreast of what other writing companies are doing and strategize on how to improve its performance.

In light of all the tools available at your disposal, choice becomes of essence. You should pick a platform that is easy to use and is readily available. It should be an enabler to the success of your business. Some of these apps have common features with different layout and degree of functionality. You may opt to use an array of tools that complement each other and give you the most benefit. Lastly, analyze the cost benefit. The tool(s) that you settle on must provide you with value for your money. Overall, the efficient uses of these Facebook tools have the potential to take your business to the next level.

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