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6 Apps That Make Starting Your Business Easier Than Ever

Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy task but with today’s technology, starting a business is a very real option for anyone, at any stage of their career. The internet is chock-full of useful advice for industry professionals, best practices from top research firms, and incredibly useful tools that simplify running and sustaining a business.

With so much available with just a few clicks, let’s look at six apps you need to make starting your business easier than ever.


One of the first things you’ll learn when you’re starting a new company is that there are no business hours. Luckily there’s eSign from Adobe which allows you to sign contracts, disclosures, or any document right from your mobile phone. You can even forward documents that require more than one signature and track their progress so you know who to call to keep your startup moving forward.


Starting a business involves a lot of coordinating activities for yourself, your startup team, and freelancers. Basecamp simplifies project management by organizing your activities and projects into project folders that you can invite other team members and freelancers to join. And while the website is mobile, optimize the iOS and Android apps helping them coordinate and stay on top of your due dates.

It’s as easy as opening the app, so you’re always connected to what’s happening. Basecamp is free for small teams and is reasonably priced as your team grows.

FedEx Office

If you like design, you’ll love the FedEx Office mobile app. Perfect for out-of-town business trips, this app allows you to send documents, presentations, and photos to be printed at the nearest FedEx location. Then, the app allows you to upload these documents directly to Google Drive and Dropbox so you stay organized.

While you think you have a good idea, nothing is better than real customer feedback for helping you and your investors understand what they value most about what you provide. is a free service that allows you to get in-app feedback on websites, iOS, and Android. also integrates with many project management software platforms and sends alerts whenever you get feedback making it easy to use and see what your customers think no matter where you are.


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Blog. Even the most basic social media presence is a lot to handle when you’re starting a business. Hootsuite helps you tame the social media monster which requires constant content and attention. Schedule and reply to your social audience and assign issues or replies to other members of your team from one platform.

And don’t forget to use the monitoring capabilities to set a search term, like your company name or SEO keywords, to stay on top of what’s being said about you and your industry right from your mobile device.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

An invaluable tool for anyone who relies on the internet to do business. So everyone then. Using your phone’s GPS Free Wi-Fi Finder locates free wifi hotspots anywhere in the world.

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