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5 Ways To Influence Consumers & Drive Sales With Mobile Marketing

5 Ways To Influence Consumers & Drive Sales With Mobile Marketing

Modern business relies on mobile connectivity. As consumers access brick-and-mortar and e-commerce platforms alike, future plans grow alongside the smartphone’s newest innovation. Mobile marketing is essential for sales-increasing business plans, and a few strategies can greatly enhance your potency in the marketplace.

Check out the following mobile marketing strategies guaranteed to boost sales:

Tip One: Add Content Marketing To Your Strategy

Surprisingly, the content market has a place in mobile marketing. Content marketing creates mobile-based leads. It also increases sales over long periods of time. Constant content marketing, when implemented correctly, can outperform Twitter and Facebook campaigns. It can generate sales, pull customers to brick-and-mortar locations, and create the leads needed to increase store sales.

Tip Two: Make A Mobile Friendly Website

5 Ways To Influence Consumers & Drive Sales With Mobile Marketing

While mobile apps are all the rage, mobile-based websites have become incredibly useful to business operators. Mobile use is growing at a constant 76 percent, year over year. As consumers visit websites, they engage in multi-channel access points. They sign up for newsletters, email lists, and SMS campaigns.

They also engage in-store policies, goods, and services through externally provided resources. When possible, create intuitive store locators. Outfit your menu options and information pages. Mobile websites should be quick, and they should assist the customer’s path to purchase.

Tip Three: Use Social Media

Modern consumers are constantly connected. Social media is a continual marketing resource, one able to engage customers like never before. Compuware’s David, interviewed through, states, “Today, more than two-thirds of Facebook users access the service via mobile at least some of the time, and more than one in six people exclusively use mobile phones to access Facebook.”

Boost your mobile marketing strategies with social media access, and complement each effort with in-house discounts, amenities, and options. Real-time social media is taking over, and you should be ready for the change.

Tip Four: Use An SMS Campaign

SMS campaigns are quickly becoming the preferred resource for long-term marketing plans, and for good reason:

  • 76 percent of mobile users feel they’re more likely to read an SMS than an email.
  • 70 percent of consumers believe SMS strategies are “eye-catching.”
  • 64 percent of mobile users subscribed to promo newsletters make purchases after receiving an SMS.

Of course, SMS marketers need to be smart to survive the modern business climate. Targeted texts should “ring true” to customer needs. They should focus on the buyer’s intentions, in-store patterns, and the out-of-store likelihood of purchase.

Tip Five: Create Responsive Pages

Whether you’re creating a mobile site or mobile app, responsive pages are your friend. As stated earlier, conceptually clean mobile platforms drive retention and sales. Responsive pages shouldn’t be ignored either. Create mobile-based pages on a screen-to-screen basis. Responsive design allows for more marketing content. It also grants more opportunities for call-to-action messages.

A great display will keep your mobile app on the customer’s phone. If your app is clunky, slow, or full of bugs, it’ll be deleted quickly. Regardless of your average customer’s device, your display options should reflect your app’s—and your brand’s—finest aspects.

If you’re running a speedy electronics company, an intuitive menu layout will drive consumers to the point of purchase. Always remember to re-design mobile pages as necessary, and don’t neglect your brand’s overall theme.

Mobile marketing takes time, but it’s an incredibly viable sales solution. Modern consumers love the close, in-depth relationships garnered through mobile marketing, and they thrive upon constant connection, at-hand resources, and total flexibility.

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