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5 Secrets For a Successful Retargeting Campaign

If you know what to do with it, retargeting can become a very powerful tool in the hands of a marketer. It’s the perfect way to get your past visitors back to your website and determine them to complete an action: register for special offers and newsletters or make a purchase.

5 Secrets For a Successful Retargeting Campaign

This marketing automation software can maximize your profit, by reducing bounce rate and cart abandonment rate and increasing ROI and conversions. It can also boost your brand awareness, because the more people are exposed to your company messages, the more comfortable they become with your products and services.

Retargeting has become an important pillar of online businesses because it gives marketers the opportunity to recapture lost conversions and offer potential clients a personalized shopping experience, based on their browsing behavior. But not all marketers know how to optimize on-site retargeting or email marketing campaigns in order to maximize its benefits. That’s why it’s important that you answer these 5 retargeting questions:

What’s my CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)?

Retargeting can be a very cheap way to advertise online, but it’s essential to determine how much you are willing to pay for it in order to get a lead or sale. This way you can establish a correct retargeting campaign budget and pricing model: CPA, CPC (Cost Per Click), CPL (Cost Per Lead) or CPM (Cost Per Mille).

Are my Calls to Action consistent?

In a retargeting campaign, it’s essential to properly segment the audience. With this marketing automation software you deliver the right message to the right people, at the right time. Different users visit your website for different reasons, so you have to create suitable CTA (Calls to Action) for each one by placing cookies on each service or product page. After all, retargeting is personalized communication with your potential clients.

How long and how many times are my ads displayed?

There’s no recipe for optimal time period or frequency of users being retargeted, so marketers have to guess at it when they choose to run a retargeting campaign. These criteria depend on the business, the budget and also the products and services you sell. But it’s important that the guess is close to the optimal duration and frequency because even though the more the merrier, you pay for each ad. Also, it’s important not to scare visitors away with too much retargeting.

Is my ad design attractive enough?

In a retargeting campaign, the design is often left behind, but a marketer should realize its importance, because he is not the only one trying to get a potential client’s attention. It’s a very good idea to use interactive, pop-up live triggers to grab the visitors’ attention and make them subscribe or convert. Or email triggers that are creative and engaging. Even if you don’t generate a sale or the users don’t leave their contact info, the design will catch their attention and it will help you build brand awareness.

Are my banners displayed above the fold?

If you decide to run a retargeting campaign, you also have to consider placing your ads above the fold, because that’s the place where they have the most chances to be seen. If you place the ad below the fold, these chances drop significantly and you still have to pay for each time the website page loads.

If you want to run a successful retargeting campaign and get an optimal ROI, you have to regard multiple elements such as strategy, design, creativity, budget, ad duration, frequency and placement and, most of all, execution. Also, it’s important to monitor the performance of your ads, run A/B testing to see which one is more effective among different audience segments and adjust them on the way. Retargeting offers you the chance to expand your business on the Internet and really make a profit.

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Rares Banescu is the CEO and founder of, a company which provides a marketing automation software for online businesses that reduces bounce rate and cart abandonment rate and increases conversions. We have more than 50 satisfied customers in Romania and many more around the world.

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