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3 Methods To Leveraging Content In Your Sales Approach

3 Methods To Leveraging Content In Your Sales Approach

Companies, depending on their size and availability of resources, tend to either lump the sales and marketing functions of their business together or treat them as completely separate entities, funds allowing. In bigger companies, the two are usually separate with a distinct division in the duties and responsibilities of the sales and marketing teams.

Despite this, the link between the two is undeniable and companies are more likely to benefit than not from recognizing the potential gains to be made from crossovers between the two departments.

Content marketing is one such tool that is applicable in both departments and is often successful regardless of where it is applied. The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as a strategic approach targeted at creating and disseminating valuable, relevant, and consistent content that is customized for individual customers in order to attract and retain the target audience and ultimately improve profitable consumption.

While more commonly regarded as a marketing tool, it is possible for the sales team to incorporate content marketing in its sales pitch by utilizing the value creation focus of content marketing. Some of the content marketing strategies that could be used to improve the effectiveness of the sales pitch include:-

1. Videos

3 Methods To Leveraging Content In Your Sales Approach

Progressive companies have already taken note of the influence that videos have on their target audience and began creating videos to direct customers to their products. Blue Coat Systems is a prime example of a company that executes this approach effectively. Internally the company has sales representatives in charge of redirecting customers’ clients to frequently asked questions videos.

The advantage this has is that it reduces the cost incurred by the business on sales personnel while improving customer interaction with the company’s website.

Viral videos take the concept of mass marketing even further by allowing the companies generating the videos to reach a wide audience at minimized costs. The viral video is, therefore, a hands-off approach that packs as much information as possible into videos intending to attract new consumers or inform old consumers of new products.

The videos tend to be emotional, and engaging and in the spirit of great content marketing provide practical solutions to the audience’s problems. They can be used as the first point of engagement, presenting the products the company has to offer. It is also effective as an after-sale tool, informing the consumers of what else the company has to offer.

2. Interactive Widgets And Content

Widgets and interactive content draw in the consumer allowing them to engage with the material they are being presented with. The experience is often one that presents a literal view of the value that the company’s products offers and the value it creates and improves in the customer’s life.

The result is that the interactive widget is the pitch itself and has a success rate higher than the traditional cold call sales pitch. The interactive widget has been known to be even more effective than the informative video as a sales tool. It is often applied after initial contact as it serves to cement the concept of value in the consumers’ psyche.

3. Press releases

The press release, while a traditional mode of sales and marketing, has been reformed to fit into the more modern content marketing and communications strategy. One very effective way this has been done is by using the press release as a promotional tool by incorporating promotion codes and the like into the press releases.

The company can increase traffic to its websites and raise interest in its products effectively concluding the sales pitch. The press release is, therefore, a sales strategy in and of itself.

The sales pitch is an aspect of the company’s business that has to evolve to reflect the changing corporate scene which already focuses on consumer satisfaction as being key and thereby central in all company operations. Content marketing is an effective strategy for boosting sales since customized content keeps clients engaged all through the selling process. The demand for the company’s products is hiked as the content-focused sales pitch creates value and provides solutions.

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