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14 Hidden Windows Programs To Rejuvenate Your Online Marketing [Infographic]

Apple Macs, with their clowder of wild cat-themed operating systems, are known as the computer of choice for creatives, but with the right PC and a full understanding of what it can achieve there’s no reason to feel left behind.

The Windows 10 operating system that Microsoft powers personal computers with these days is packed with all sorts of added software programs which, in all their no-nonsense austerity, Microsoft tends not to shout about too much. Look under the hood and you’ll find a range of apps to help you meet, to at least a basic professional level, most of the tasks you’ll take on while marketing your business.

Naturally you’ll still need to bring your personal flair and marketing insight to the table, but what Windows 10 amounts to is a contemporary toolbox, with hammer, nails, and blowtorch at the ready for getting things done. What’s more, hidden apps like Sticky Notes (now smarter than ever!), Cortana (a Siri-style personal assistant), and People (a unified central address book) help you stay on top of the little things around the office, leaving you more time to create.

So how about those creative apps? Well, OneNote makes for a perfect virtual scrapbook in which to collect webpages, images and notes, as well as sketches you can make directly into the program using a stylus or fingertip. Set one up as a moodboard and you can share it with your team, who can edit it in real time, building the themes and motifs of your campaign.

Windows Ink is a more powerful digital pen app, for your first serious sketches, while other programs such as 3D Builder and Game DVR (screen capturing software) add to the variety of image-wrangling formats you can use to generate your visuals.

STL’s handy visual guide gives a quick rundown on 14 of the most useful apps you never knew you had. Have a look today, and figure out how you can use them to boost your marketing game – and everything else you do on your PC.


Author Bio:

John Cole is a digital nomad and freelance writer. Specialising in leadership, digital media and personal growth, his passions include world cinema and biscuits. A native Englishman, he is always on the move, but can most commonly be spotted in the UK, Norway, and the Balkans.


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