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What A Hot Socks Brand Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Creating A Market

The first time I saw them, I wrinkled my nose in disgust. They’d arrived in my FabFitFun subscription box, their garish pink color and 10 grippy toes mocking me. I had no use for such frivolity in my life, so I tossed them into my giveaway pile.

A few weeks later, I signed up for classes at a new Pilates studio in my neighborhood. The website read: “New students must have toe socks, which can be purchased in the studio.”

Wait, hadn’t I thrown out some of those? Given that they retail for $16 a pop, I was desperately hoping I hadn’t taken my giveaway box to the thrift store. I hadn’t. So I donned my neon pink, five-toed grip socks and headed to Pilates.

One year later, I’m a convert. What in the heck happened in the space of 12 months to change my outlook on ToeSox? Turns out the brand knows what it’s doing.

Lesson 1: Make your product collectible

As I got comfortable on the torture-chamber-worthy Pilates machine, I started to notice other students’ socks. 95% were ToeSox, and they came in every flavor. Stripes with toes? Solids in Mary Janes? Fun patterns in half-toes? The company has got you covered. I was starting to warm up to this brand.

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