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Here’s How to Manipulate Your Brain Out of Procrastination

Happy New Year! If you’re like many people on this planet, you’re using the ringing in of 2018 to start fresh, revitalize what isn’t working, and push aside what’s been holding you back. But with all great ambitions comes a need for a strategic approach because, after all, old habits die hard.

If you’ve resolved to stop procrastinating, you need a solid plan to keep yourself on track. Right now you’re pre-wired to push off what you know you should do today to tomorrow when it’s crunch time (or too late), according to an article in the Harvard Business Review. To overcome this, you need to hardwire your brain a little differently. You need to manipulate yourself to start approaching work and difficult tasks with a new mindset. Here’s how.

Give In To Peer Pressure

It’s easy to break a commitment to ourselves. What isn’t easy? Losing on the social spectrum.

Part of being human is valuing what other people think. We don’t want to look lazy, so when we know others are watching, we tend to push harder. We don’t want to look dumb, so when we know others are watching, we tend to work harder.

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