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What Needs to Happen Before Your Website Launch

I know you’re excited to flip the “coming soon” page to the live site with a grand website launch. Your mouse is hovering over that publish button. WAIT! Before you go live there are a few things you need to happen.

These are things like:

  • Stellar Internet services
  • Testing usability
  • Content & social media strategy

You don’t want to ruin your attempt at building an online presence by starting off lackluster at your website launch. It’s hard to re-establish the brand if the first impression is negative. Therefore, you need to satisfy those needs.

What Needs to Happen before the Launch

Sound like something you need to do?

Let’s get into the details of these three essentials needs before the website launch …

1. Internet Services

Will your connection handle the load?

Not only so that you don’t have downtime but to also keep your employees entertained and happy. Remove the frustrations with crap Internet and give employees a good outlet to unwind and this joy will pass on to when they’re interacting with leads and customers.

Compare your provider.

The local competition may include data caps or have slow speeds while the conglomerates may have a lockdown on your flexibility. Perhaps consider the DirecTV & Internet offers as an alternative. This way you can get good programming for the employees during their break (to keep them happy) with the speeds to keep business running smoothly.

Look for speed, up-time, and customer service in a quality provider. Shop around.

2. Testing Usability

How does the website feel?

No, not from your experience with it or what you’re hearing from the development team but actual users of the site. The type of people that are going through the sales funnel.

These are the things that need testing:

  • URLs
  • 404 pages
  • Crawlability
  • Speed
  • Shopping cart
  • Compatibility
  • SEO
  • Analytics

Do this testing by bringing in a small batch of individuals from all demographics. Use monitoring tools and analytics to help get an understanding of the website “flow”. Find the hang-ups and fix the problems. Look for ways to satisfy the new customer throughout every page of the site.

This doesn’t end at your website launch.

Your user testing should continue throughout the longevity of the operations. There are always ways to implement conversion optimization tactics. These small tweaks can lead to a big ROI.

3. Content & Social Strategy

You’re launching … what next?

The groundwork has been completed but what are your plans to keep interest alive, drive traffic, and keep visitors engaged long enough to purchase your products or services?

These two go together:

Mix in personal interaction with commenters and social followers and you’re off to a great start. Or, consider a top-down approach where you create video and then have it transcribed to be shared as a blog post or snippets for social.

The point being: Schedule content a month in advance and do your social daily.

Now You’re Ready to Go

You’re not going to get everything perfectly lined up in the launch – that’s okay – because you never quite know how people will respond to your brand. Luckily, changes are done on the fly thanks to Web technologies, a smart plan of action, and a competent team.

Avoid the shotgun approach to launching.

Don’t throw things at the wall and hope that it sticks. Be strategic and plan your launch and especially make sure that everything (within your abilities) is ready to go. Doubly so with the mentioned items.

This way you’re not launching a dud and scrambling to recover.

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